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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Chocolatey Advent Calendar

The kids are loving the chocolate advent calendar I picked up at Walmart. It has been a great lesson in sharing...I cut each piece of chocolate into 3 pieces. They are completely satisfied taking turns opening the "doors" too. I am so proud!

As for the MIL situation...They (her and FIL) went "back home" and will be gone for a whole week...she didn't call me at all yesterday (she usually calls to tell me her every move). I think she is mad...my thoughts...she'll get over it! Thank you for all your comments...I enjoyed them!


Cynthia said...

I'm glad the girls are enjoying the calendar.

I'm also proud of you for setting some boundaries. I suspect it's really hard for women who've only defined themselves as Mothers to find a new identity after the kids grow up and get their own lives. Sounds like your MIL never really tried! LOL!

I'm a Mother, first and foremost, but I'm a lot more too. I don't want to end up like your MIL- imposing on my kids so I won't have to create a life of my own.

McEwens said...

So no baby voiced calls...!


Tink said...

Yummmmm...I love Advent calendars. We do one each year. Your kids are better at sharing. I buy one for each of the kids and they keep them in their bedrooms because I got tired of the whining over the years. Ha! Can't wait to hear the continuing story with your MIL. Have a fabulous day. I love your little falling snowflakes on your site.

Mechelle said...

Advent Calendars. The are the best. Chocolate. It is the best.

Put the together and that is over the top the best.

Good luck with the MIL. The only thing I can say is that things change. So this too will pass. m

Mother Goose said...

love the advent calendar and oh well, consider this an early christmas gift from her! PEACE!

Wendy said...

My kids love the Advent Calendar! It's their favorite holiday memory! Every year I pull out the calendar, they start chatting about "when they were little kids"...I think to myself " you two still are kids'...lol! They are so funny!

I tell myself all the time "I will never be a horrid MIL"...but sometimes I catch myself thinking "who out there will be good enough for my son"...LOL! Wow...that's so shameful! Then I snap out of it and remind myself I taught him well and I have put my faith in that!