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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food Journal

Think of what you eat in a day...Food journaling helps me when I am dieting cause I tend to "graze." If I have to write it down then I am less likely to pop it in my mouth. Here is what I had yesterday...

Breakfast: 1 1/2 sausage egg biscuits from Mcdonalds and a large sweet tea

Lunch: 10 boneless buffalo wings from KFC and a large sweet tea from McDonalds

Snack: Can of Coke

Dinner: 2 Honey mustard snack wraps and a large sweet tea

Snack: Grandma's Fudge Chocolate Chip cookie and a coke

(Someone revive Mechelle...she just passed out!)LOL! I am a bad girl.
Now this is not a typical day because I was on the road ALOT yesterday...but I tend to eat out ALOT (not every meal of the day like today though) and I don't go for the healthiest of menu items.

What did you have to eat yesterday?

Each week you will have a chance to share a day of food journaling...this will give us ideas of new things to try instead of the "same old thing."


Merrianne said...

yiiikes... i didn't eat as healthy as you. i am too embarrassed to tell you what i ate. today i will eat better so i wont feel so bad abut reporting it!

Jan the crazy lady said...

I had a protein shake.
Soup and toasted pita bread
1 jello sugar free pudding
Beans and rice
popcorn during Idol

coreymom40 said...

I had:
1 can of chicken - water

Salad w/chicken from Zaxby's-water

and *whispering* 3 adult beverages
shhhh **fail**

2 grilled roast beef/cheese sandwiches - bowl of honey oh's and water **fail**

Marchelle said...

i agree - anytime i have done a food diary/journal/whatever you want to call it, i have noticed i eat better and in smaller portions. it makes you accountable!

however, i got sick of being accountable after a week!! but i did lose 3 lbs that week - and with NO exercise!

you are inspiring me... i am in my brother's wedding on may 16 - heck, better late than never to start dieting, right?! haha

oh, and yesterday i had:
B: coffee w/cream & sugar, blueberry bagel w/butter
L: southwest salad from mcd's...and a coffee w/4 creams & 4 sugars (don't judge) and cinnamon melts for dessert. like how i got a salad, and then blew it on dessert?!
D: a little bowl of cheese dip and 'hint of lime' tostitos and a coke. not the healthiest, but also not a big portion

and NO snacks?? how did i manage that?!

Cherie said...

I ate:
Breakfast - One egg overhard
Snack - Piece of cheese
Lunch - Weight watchers frozen entree - It was turkey medallions and mashed potatoes
Dinner - Hamburger no/bun and a small salad with a little ranch dressing

Mother Goose said...

scrappy, i love your honesty! I think I heard mechelle hit the floor over here on the east coast, completely opposite coast of where she lives. LOL
I do well eating through the day, it is around 4pm that i falter.

Marilyn said...

So brave you are, especially considering the day you had! I have days like that sometimes, though not lately cuz we are always broke, lol! I don't remember what I had on Tuesday, but I am willing to bet it wasn't good, lol!!

DesertHen said...

I had cereal and low-fat yogurt for breakfast.

A banana and protein bar for morning snack.

Soup and a light salad for lunch.

Protein bar for afternoon snack

Veggie pizza for dinner.

I drink water all day long.