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Monday, April 27, 2009

"Farmy" Photos & An "Ooh You Gotta Try This"

I am in love with Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush bath gel, body lotion, and body mist. The fragrance I chose was Candy, Baby. I want to try the Coconut next. The scents are DELICIOUS! Last night Dr. Hubby cuddled me up on the couch and said, "Mmmm...you smell like cotton candy."

Yesterday it was 95 degrees here...gee I think we went from winter straight to SUMMER! It was hot and I broke down and turned on the AC...I just love opening my windows and getting fresh air in the house. While the sun was out and everything is getting greener and more lush I decided to play with Mr. Nikon...

This is in the pasture...I love those little purple flowers! So cute.

While we were away on Easter my FIL & MIL decided to trim our trees...LOL...I just noticed yesterday that they cut our pine trees to look like regular trees...I called MIL and told her "You do know that pine trees are supposed to go to the ground?...she is such a blond!

Cutie wanted me to take some photos of her like I did the "big girls." She posed and posed and I got some cute ones until I noticed she had dirty fingernails and a booger in her right nostril...MAN! Then she did this....poor little farm kid.
Happy Monday! Make this a week to enjoy!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Those sound yummy Scrappy. I love good smells.

That picture is the only picture that I could say that is the cutest gross I have ever seen.

My brother tortured me with spit balls. So I have issues :) But she is so darn cute and pulls it off.

Merrianne said...

i love VS Beauty Rushes.. and you will love the Coconut, too!! it smells so good!

and i love the FARMY pictures!!!! lol

Everybody luves a Country Girl!!!!

Marchelle said...

I'm running to the Children's Place at lunch (my poor daughter, you know, the one who colored all over my New Moon book) has nothing to wear in the way of summer clothes! And VS is just a few stores down, so maybe I need to go check out those yummy lotions & shower gels!

And you know I am loving the farm pics! ESPECIALLY Cuite!

scrapbookobsession said...

Ooh, I love yummy smelly stuff! Will have to try the VS goodies. When the DH comments, you know it's good, LOL! Luv your photos and also Mandisa and the HM movie. My mom and I actually wanted to see it, so we dragged along some kids so we wouldn't be too embarrassed, LOL!

tammy said...

Mmm....those sound yummy! I guess I need a trip to the mall.

mustangkayla said...

That picture of your daugher is too darn cute! What is it with spit that they like? My DS was having a hay-day with his last night..

I LOVE that picture of the field and fence. SO pretty!

(in case your wondering how I am, I'm new to AMR)

Cherie said...

VS fragrances are the best they all smell so yummy!
That last picture is too cute but only because she is little! Nobody else try this at home...PLease!! ha ha

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL! That last picture made me giggle!

Bobbi Jo said...

That last picture is too funny and sweet. She reminds me of my youngest.
Nice pictures too!
I like the Victoria Secret scents on everyone but me. I wear OPIUM. It is my scent.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sondra said...

We had some really nice days in the 80's a week ago and now it's cold again. I am ready for the warmth. To turn the air conditioner on (one day last week) to having the heat on again makes me sad... I'm ready to plant flowers but need to wait until summer really is here. Crazy Idaho weather... I saw Colorado had snow last night - Yikes!

Enjoy those sunny days... A pine tree like a regular tree?? That is crazy - a blonde moment - indeed!

Your daughter is darn cute. I mean it's kinda grose - but really cute. I love your new camera's pictures.. I need to get one of those!

Becks said...

Cutie is such a cutie!!

Lisa Loo said...

I haven't been to Victoria Secret in a long time--but those sound yummy! And I LOVE these pictures of Cutie---her personality just SHINEs through!!

Mechelle said...

Cutie! She got me... I am still laughing. m

Mother Goose said...

i love that picture scrappy. you should enter it into a contest of your daughter! You are rockin your camera.