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Thursday, April 9, 2009


This was for the Thursday scraplift at AMR this week. Barf-O-Rama is how we refer to a week in 2007 where everyone except Foster Son and Dr. Hubby ended up getting a stomach virus. We even had 2 cousins visiting for the week...I told their mom just to leave them at our house cause they would never make the 4 hour drive home puking and pooping. It was a mess!!!

You can join us at AMR by clicking the link...put scrapbooking somewhere in your registration...tell Stacey that Scrappy sent ya!

It's almost the weekend!


Mechelle said...

You are so kind to keep them when they were sick.

Have a great weekend. Love m

Tink said...

Wow! What a gift you gave to them by taking them all in--sick and all! What a gem you are. Get better, my friend!

DesertHen said...

WOW..what a week! And to scrape about too....you are great!

whoopsadasie said...

Wow...you are one brave moma to one, take those pictures and two to take care of more kids than you own! Props to you, Scrappy!