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Thursday, April 2, 2009


When I am sitting at my table scrapping I can feel and hear little people playing underneath. You would think they would stay in the toy filled playroom, but no they like to be near their momma. I looked under the table recently and this is what I saw. She said, "Look Mommy...I'm a sloth."

Cutie Patootie came over and said, "I want to be a sloth too."

And not to be left out...Manga Dork had to try out her slothiness too.


Cynthia said...

How creative of them! When I had my scraproom it was supposed to be a sanctuary for me away from the kids. They always followed me leaving messes in their wake. LOL!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Okay, that is just the type of goofy I love. I am cracking up you guys. Or gals. Or sloths. Whateva..

Ms Cupcake said...

Good morning!

Checking in from sits. It's FRIDAY!!!! Yay!!!

Have a great weekend.

Zen Cupcake

tammy said...

Cutest sloths ever!

Da Bergs said...

Those are some cute cute girls, uh, I mean sloths!!!

Mechelle said...

I want some sloths! They are so cute. m

whoopsadasie said...

I never knew sloths were so dang CUTE!! Where can I find some!? :-)