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Sunday, April 26, 2009

You Should Check These Out!

I have recently found 3 things that I want to share with you...

Remember Mandisa from American Idol (Season 5, I think, Taylor Hicks' season). Well, her 2nd contemporary christian album is FANTASTIC! One of the best I have ever heard.

During Spring Break I took Manga Dork and the cousin that was visiting to see the Hannah Montana movie...don't tell anyone...I guess when you reach a certain age it is not cool to like Hannah anymore! Anyway, this movie is so cute. It is perfect for tween girls and their moms to go see. It made me want to go on adventures, ride horses, write a song, live in a small town...wait I already live in one!
On Friday night we rented this on PPV. I love Jim Carrey and this is his best movie in awhile. I love the idea behind it. He plays a guy who constantly says no to everything and everyone. He is bored and in a rut. He attends a seminar that encourages him to say "YES!" to every question and opportunity. It opens him up to so many adventures...he is hooked. This movie is not for kids primarily due to one scene.
Check them out...let me know what you think!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Thanks Scrappy. I liked the Hannah movie too. I have got to learn that boot scoot dance :)

Marchelle said...

Now, don't disown me, but I don't watch AI....(*cowers in the corner*)....but I'll check out that album!

Also, I heart Hannah Montana. I'm 30, my son is 3 and my daughter is 2. Don't tell anyone.

I LOVE JIM CARREY and I wondered if that movie was any good! Thanks for the review, the hubby and I will PPV it and let you know what we think!

Mother Goose said...

i like a good movie review! thanks!

Mechelle said...

I will have to take Kallie to the HM movie. It sounds like she would like it. Thanks for the tip. M

tammy said...

I've been wanting to see Yes Man. Guess I should check PPV listings. I always forget about it.

HM looks cute too, but with only boys in the house, I think I'll have to wait until it's out on cable.

Creative Mish said...

I too love Mandisa! She's been the Air 1 morning show host giving feedback on Idol.. She's so cute!

I seen the preview for Hannah Montana. It looks cute. I've never seen her disney show but I do like the song she sings with her dad and that new one with Taylor Swift.

I'll have to watch for the Jim Carrey movie. I haven't heard of that one.

The Momster said...

I love it when my local contemporary christian station plays Mandisa...I didn't know she's an ex-AIer... not really something that I watch much.

I wanna see the Hannah movie, but we'll have to drive a town away. Wear wigs and dark glasses and call each other "Nancy" and "Helen".... definately not a cool thing around here.

Not sure about Jim Carrey. I keep seeing that promo...and keep thinking how "yes" can get you into trouble.

whoopsadasie said...

Great things to check out. I have been wanting to see HM and Yes Man for a while now. Maybe while the diva and I are in TN we will have to check those out!?!

Pancake said...

I SO wanted Mandissa to WIN!!! I didnt even know she had anything out! thanks for the info!

Cherie said...

Can't bring myself to see the Hannah Montana movie and I have no little girls but the Jim Carrey movie I will ahve to check out! I like him!