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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scrappy Starts To Answer Your ???

**You can still ask me questions on the "Ask Scrappy" post...I just wanted to get a start on answering!**

Small Girl On Her Bike wanted to know how I got the pic up there...I assume you mean the chick one...I found it on photobucket...went into "layout" and added it as the image for my header.

Creative Mish wanted to know if I have ever revealed our real names on my blog...you could find mine and the 3 girls', but Dr. Hubby's is not "revealed" at all.

Sondra wants to know why I live on a farm...because we fell in love with it the moment we saw it! The rolling hills...the pond...the one-room schoolhouse!

Have we always wanted to raise animals?...no, we originally planned to not have any animals and let someone cut and take the hay from the fields. Then FIL&MIL moved here and it has always been his dream to have cattle.

Do we plant veggies? I had 2 tomato plants and a cucumber plant last year. We really should plant more. I would need/want Dr. Hubby's help...and he has no extra time at all.

Do we eat from our farm? Yes, and this is probably the reason you don't see more pictures of the cows...I don't want a face behind the hamburger I am eating...I am too soft hearted.

Was it my idea to live in the boonies? I agreed to it...I was raised in WV boonies so it's not like this is a culture shock really. We just got used to living closer to town during the med school years.

How long have we lived on the farm? Since Dec 2005.

Mechelle asked what my comfort item was as a child...a quilt made by my mama...yes, I still have it...shhh...don't tell...but I still sleep with it...I even pack it on trips...LOL! I need to grow up.

Jan...My fave late night snack is Philly Swirl Italian Ice...only 90 calories...fave flavors...cotton candy, cherry melon...blueberry jam! And no you may not buy my scrappin' schoolhouse...but you are welcome to come play whenever you want!

Richies...have I ever fantasized about vampires...I don't think you could read the books without wondering what it would be like for vampires to actually exist...I am glad they don't. What is my fave time of day?...hmmm...around 2:30 me and the 2 little ones head to the scrappy schoolhouse...that is a great time...at 4:15 Manga Dork joins us...even better! Now if I could just get Dr. Hubby home at a decent hour! LOL!

Cherie...I love this question...5 people I would like to eat dinner with (dead or alive)...ok I tried to be thoughtful and put together a meaningful list...like my birthmom and Oprah...then I thought about Captain Jack Sparrow and Dr. Phil...I think I'll just go with the OC Housewives...

Kaci wanted to know if I like Harry Potter...I have not read the books and probably won't...I have read the last couple pages of the last book so I know how it all ends...I have watched all the movies but usually when they come out on DVD. Mr. Potter does not grab my attention like Edward.

Suzie...I will answer your question in a seperate post!


Anonymous said...

hey girl... i love getting to know you better!!!!


harry aint got nuthin on edward, does he!?!?!?

girl.... at first i didn't think i like who they chose to play Edward... but after seeing the move, i really think he is perfect.

golly... the dreams i had that night............

wooo hooooooooooo

Jan the crazy lady said...

Oh my. I will come and play and eat your ice cream treat too :)

Loving your answer sessions. This is so fun and a great way to get to know the great Scrappy everyone loves even more :)

Da Bergs said...

GREAT questions! I love finding out more about you!!!

Pancake said...

Alwaya good to learn more about you!

Sondra said...

That was extremely fun and informitive. What a great idea and you really got some great questions. Thanks for letting us peek into your life - it's always fun to get to know you better.

I've read all of the Harry Potter books - except the last one. I haven't been motivated to actually do it and it's been sitting on my shelf since it came out. I don't know how it ends - so maybe I'll read it soon. I got to obsessed with Twilight to even think about it. I'm surprised that you didn't read them though.

Lisa Loo said...

This was so fun getting to know more about you!! Thanx for sharing!