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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Award & Project Better Reminder

I received this award from Heidi over at Adventure Girl Wannabee for "being so nice to a newbie." She has been blogging for one month now and her blog is great! Thank you Heidi!
This award got me thinking about the people who were kind to me in my first month of blogging. I went back to March and I want to pass this award on to 3 of my first month commenters.
Thank you girls for enabling my addiction. LOL!
Reminder: If you participated in Project Better this week. Let me know. I hope to post my results by Sunday evening. Can't wait to see your results...
Happy Weekend!


Jan said...

I love your new header. So cute. Congrats on the award. And that is so sweet to pass it on to those first commenters that started your addiction. :)

Mechelle said...

Your new header looks great. I did do project better. I will post soon. Thanks for helping me get my act together. m

I thought I tagged you but I guess I didn't. I was so looking forward to hearing you answers.

Frumpy Luv said...

Yo scraps, what up girl??? =) Ok, so I'll lay off the jive wanna be talk - just checking in on your blog. yay for your award - it is such a weird feeling when you first start up a blog, isn't it??? Glad you have been such a great supporter!! What a great idea to remember your first commenters ...

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Oh Scrappy...........don't be hatin' me.............I did not get my project done. Here is the truth~ I took the before pic yesterday and headed out to get some errands done. One of the errands was to clean my car, the other was to get my oil changed. I was so happy when I read the they vaccumed the car. I thought "hey now I don't have to do that! LLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZYYYYYY! Well they did an awful job and after shopping while they changed my oil I was so tired and have to get home to cook supper. Megan and J were comeing home;)
I will still do it but won't have it to you on time;( Sorry!

ps-I love your comments on my blog today. I really love the MIL and FIL ones about the phone! You go girl!

Keli said...

Don't ya just love the award!!!

I tagged you on my blog! Go to the post before todays and check it out!

Anonymous said...

i love your new header! seriously. i am so jealous of that porch!!!!!!

and you SO TOTALLY deserve that award!