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Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy 13th Birthday Manga Dork Part 3

It's Time to Party!
We always do a group photo. The lighting was terrible for this picture and unfortunately this is the only photo of the DJ that I got. I think now would be a good time to mention how these photos would have been so much better with a Nikon...Hint! Hint!
Here are a few photos of some cute guests...

Cutie Patootie finally came inside and actually had a good time! BTW...did you notice the cool tshirts I designed with glow in the dark neon puffy paint!? That is my FIL in the background.
Wild Child would live on candy! She did ALOT of dancing too!

The guests answered the 13 questions about Manga Dork and voted for Best Dressed. The winners received glow in the dark glasses!

My SIL and MIL were part of the Club's "staff."

Most people think that SIL and I are the sisters instead of our hubbys being brothers. We are alot closer than they are! We did the electric slide and kept the kids "hyped" up. Dr. Hubby and I even slow danced. How romantic!

This was the hit of the party. "The Manga Dork" It is lemonade with a sugared lemon slice and a ice cube made with a strawberry and strawberry koolaid. Yummy! They loved them so much I ran out of lemonade and had to use Sprite!


Jan said...

Everyone looked great. Including the staff. :) That one girl really did the Madonna thing.

Marilyn said...

How cute is that?! Those T's are awesome, did you do those? I love the themed party, what a great idea. Your hard work really paid off! Some of those kids really had it going on too!!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I know bestow upon you...................................................................................Mother of the year award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, so fun!

I am having flashbacks of my girls birthday parties.

McEwens said...

This is just the BEST party!!! I too, vote for you for mom of the year!

Mechelle said...

Love all the smiles. m

Anonymous said...

CUTE pictures!!!! i love all the FUNKY FRESH outfits!!!!