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Friday, September 5, 2008

Project: Better...Much Better!

I can't believe it is Friday already! Check out the 2 ladies who joined me in my quest to be "better."
*Mechelle did a great job on her pantry! She even made the kids a sweet treat! You can thank me later kiddos...
*Heidi organized her pantry and fridge! She is a new bloggy friend. Love her blog!
Here are my accomplishments:


Clean! I hope I can keep it this way!


Clean! It is looking SO white!

Dirty AND Messy! Oh my!

I couldn't believe how many pieces there were to take apart. I love organization!


Ahhhhh! I love it!

Today is THE day! Manga Dork dressed up in her ripped jeans (Did I really pay money for those at Aeropostale?!) and SAVE FERRIS (Ferris Bueller's Day Off) tshirt to pass out the invites for her 13th birthday party!

We were at Dr. Hubby's office last night until 11pm making copies. It was a LONG day!
Here is what they say:
Come chill and celebrate Manga Dork's 13th Birthday at
Club Manga Dork
The hippest most awesom 80s Dance Club
(Community Center Gym)
Saturday, September 13th
7PM - 10PM
DJ Carman Harman will be blasting bangin' jams from the 80s and Today!
It's gonna be stellar!
To the max!
Don't be a space cadet...Wear your most righteous 80s threads!
For more 411 call 000-0000



McEwens said...

LOVE the new look!!! Hope the 80s party goes off great!! cant wait to hear about it!

Jan said...

You did an amazing job. It looks like a whole new place. The 80's party is going to be fabulous. Have fun planning.

Lyn said...

Are those Longabergers I see? Made in Ohio? No better baskets!!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

It looks fab-u-lus!!!!!!!!!!
Super great job!
Thanks for the compliment. Being a newbie, it means alot:) You're sweet!
Have a super great weekend!
Looking forward to hearing and seeing all about the b-day party! It brings back memories!

da Bergs said...

WOW... sparkling white! NICE!!!! What do you charge? I could use some help! °Ü°

AND, have a rockin' party!!!

Lawanda said...

WOW! Your after pics are AWESOME!!!!!! I am so jealous of your motivational self!!

Manga dork, CUTE as always! LOVE that tshirt!!!! And the party sounds fun!! :)


I LOVE IT!!!!! i need to clean out my stuff too....wuah...wuah..i don't wanna!!! {yes i am pouting}

anyway....love the PARTY IDEA!!! wish i could go.....:9

Marilyn said...

Lookin' Good!!! So clean and organized! I love those invitations, what a neat idea!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I couldn't find where to just email you?

Wanna help me decide on what dress to wear?

kitchenditcher said...

Wow!! I am so impressed! I need to do this SO BADLY! I have these piles in my house and they are there so long that after awhile I don't even notice them!!!!

You go girl!! And have a groovy time at the party!!! Sounds like a blast!

Becks said...

That party looks like it's going to be like totally awesome! I am like so jealous of Manga Dork's Save Ferris Tshirt. It is so rad!