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Friday, September 12, 2008


It is 11:44 pm here and I am exhausted. I left this morning at 9:15 AM and I got back about 10:30 pm. I got everything I need for tomorrow though. Wow! Dr. Hubby is probably going to cancel my access to the checking account! LOL!

Right now I am making ice cubes out of strawberry koolaid with a strawberry in each one. This is for the special drink, "The Manga Dork". It is going to be served in clear plastic wine glasses. It is lemonade with one of the ice cubes floating in it. She wants the glass dipped in sugar with a sugared lemon slice attached to the rim.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will post pics of the party on Sunday!


Mechelle said...

I know this party is going to a hit. I hope you all enjoy it. m

The Momster said...

I hope you guys have a blast...like totally tubular! Far out man to the max! :)

Marilyn said...

WOW, that sounds like a yummy drink!! Looks like you are all set and will be having a blast!! I can't wait to hear all about it and see photos!!

Anonymous said...

Wish we lived closer so we can "crash" the party. Sounds as if you will have a great time.

Happy Birthday Magna Dork!!!

Michelle said...

Wow! Sounds like its going to be a fabulous party! Oh to be 13 again!! hey.. can you email me your address? I would like to send you a surprise for being such a loyal reader :)

tolep8nt @ cableone . net

Jan said...

You deserve a huge break Scrappy.