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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Housewife Burnout!

Do You Often Feel Like This?!

Or This?

Do You Sometimes Wonder If This Is Your Hubby's Point Of View?

Lately I have found myself exhausted, bored, overwhelmed, taken for granted, depressed, etc. It seems I can only manage to clean up the clutter and there is no time for deep cleaning. I am also not having enough time to work with my two little ones. I feel like all I do is clean...then it is messed up...I wake up and do the same thing the next day. Argh!

Project Better has been a help because one project a week has been manageable. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I have also noticed that if I could just get Dr. Hubby and Manga Dork to pick up after themselves I could probably complete my housewife duties. They leave stuff out and NEVER put stuff up. Alot of the work I do is picking up and putting away stuff they just lay around. In an attempt to help this situation I made signs two nights ago with my very reasonable requests on them...they were wadded up in the trash last night. HOWEVER...they are doing better. I guess they read it before trashing it!

Do you feel like you have "housewife burnout" too? What have you done that has helped?



Jan said...

Scrappy, you have been doing alot of things lately. And cleaning has been one of them. Stop for awhile and do some fun things for yourself. You were up to your neck in 80's, and then cleaning closets. Go and shop. :) We all get burned out.

Marchelle said...

I can only imagine the magnitude of burnout you have with 3 kids and being a SAHM. Not that I mean that negatively, I would love to do it, I just mean that you are surrounded by it everyday, all day long. I on the other hand, work outside the home and then come home to a wrecked house (sitter comes to my house) and then I have to straighten it after working all day. So, apples and oranges, but they're still both as hard!
And notice I said "straighten" it. I don't deep clean NEAR as much as I should! ha!!

One thing that Mr. Clean does that annoys me to no end....when I'm vacuuming, he will turn the TV up really loud to hear it over the vacuum, as if my maintaining our home is a hinderance to him. Yeah, don't let my HARD WORK get in the way of your laziness! LOL!!! When he does that it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. That's when I know I've got burnout and it's time to chill.

McEwens said...

Housewife burn out... CURE RETAIL THERAPY! Go shop!!! House work will always be there... go enjoy the day!

HEY in my comments left there is a lady named suzy q something like that, anyway she is having a scrap book sticker give away... you would like that!

Becks said...

I have it too! I only have one kid. So Lord help me when we have more. I blame blogging, hahah! It takes up my free time when I should be cleaning!

Anonymous said...




The Momster said...

Have you been spying on me???? Cuz I've been feeling this way A LOT lately :)

Maybe we could form a union...and go on strike!

Mechelle said...

I am soooooooo understanding you here. My kids are not too interested in helping out! RRRRRR. m

Lawanda said...

I know the feeling. I get violent when taken for granted ;) hehe Just kidding. But I do feel that way at times, and it IS so depressing!

I have had to point out many a time that the ratio here is not fair, 6 mess makers to 1 mess cleaner DOES NOT WORK.

It equals a messy house. :(

But I have had to enlist the help of my dh to get the children to help more with the house work. Remember our schedule? Yep, it helped a LOT!

I hope you can feel better about it. That is the worst part, trying to get over the depression it causes when you feel like a lone warrior! :-p

da Bergs said...

Well, dang, girl, you have been kicking butt (can I say that???) on the "getting organized" jobs!!! You deserve a break today... if I lived closer I would bring you a kit kat, actually, lol, I would bring you a whole bag of kit kats!!!

Michelle said...

I have days I feel like this also.. I work full time and come home to a house to take care of!