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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Update

Hello ladies and gentlemen...it's hard to believe that another week has come to an end. I am Scrappy Girl and I will be your host on this walk down my weekly memory lane.

It was a weird week. Some days were chaotic and twirly while others were SO boring.
Sunday was a cool day. I actually hired the DJ for Manga Dork's party. What a relief to get that out of the way! The next step was to get the invites passed out. On Friday, we sent 122 to school. She is inviting the entire junior high! Yikes! Next step...

The Cake! I would love to order something like this (just in 80s theme), but in this "neck of the woods" you would never find someone who does them like that. Manga Dork has requested a #1 and and #3 cakes. Wish me luck...

On Tuesday Manga Dork got smeared down the court at her volleyball game. This week they have 2 practices, 2 games, and picture day.
On Friday I revealed the results of my first week challenge in Project Better. This is a photo taken today. I have managed to keep it clean still. Although there IS a bottle of tea on the counterspace. Evidently bodily harm is not a big enough threat. LOL! Be on the lookout Monday for a new challenge! Thank you Mechelle and Heidi for joining me this week!

On Saturday we did a little retail therapy with Manga Dork and friends. These are the accessories for her outfit...yes, those are Madonna gloves AND yes those silver circles are earrings! Do you think she could have gotten bigger ones?!

And of course I had to stop at the Scrap Shack. I brought home mostly volleyball themed items!

Let me just say that I found something that is FANTABULOUS TO THE MAX (Sorry, too much 80s research LOL)! We have an ice cream shop called Brusters. OMGoodness...I had a waffle cone with one scoop of CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE! So bad for me...yet so YUMMY!

This is my photo of the week...I was typing up a post and I felt something touching my feet. I looked down and Wild Child said, "HiiiiiiiiiYA!" Too funny!

This week in Bloggy World these bloggy friends...

Made me laugh...Just Us Elizabeth is Creating Keepsake's Scrapbooker of the Year. Her hubby, Collin, is hilarious and they seem to be such a fun couple. This post is part of a book called, "Porn for Women." It is NOT dirty so do not hesitate to go over and check it out. THEN be sure to read this post. It is their own take on the book (Yes, that is her hubby in the photos)!

Made me cry...Jan and her daughter experienced a terrible loss this week. This post took my breath, gave me chills, and made me cry. It broke my heart that sweet Jan was going to have to tell her young daughter that her BFF had been killed in a car accident.

Made me think...Live Laugh Love is a great blog if you want to think about what is most important in our world. Christal has great posts every Monday and Thursday.

Have a great week! Happy Blogging!


da Bergs said...

HAHAHA! Love that picture of wild child!!! Looks like you had a busy week!

Keli said...

Not to bad of a week except for the volleyball game! The picture of Wild Child cracked me up! Oh, and love the 80's themed birthday idea! And please send ice cream!

Jan said...

I have not got my invitation yet. I am so nervous that I am not going to be invited. It really is going to be so fun. Love the pictures and you are a sweetie Scrappy.

McEwens said...

LOVE the picture of wild child!! great recap of the week! SO cant wait for the party! AND PICTURES!

Mechelle said...

What a fun week. I can't wait to hear all about the party.

My daughter seems to think you have great party ideas but I told her I am not as nice as you are, so not to get her hopes up. m

The Motherboard said...

Wow. The entire Junior High School??

You get the Mom of the year award for sure!!

I am really good at making BIG hair... can I come?

Thanks for stopping by my blog-- I saw that your hubs is Dr. So don't tell him I was talkin' smack over there on my blog.. :>)

Marilyn said...

Looks like you had a busy week! A lot more eventful than mine! All I accomplished was the shedding my skin, lol! I am sorry I haven't been commenting this week, still playing catch up from my vacation! Your "better" kitchen looks great, Manga Dork's outfit is totally radical dude, and I gotta have me some of that ice cream you were talking about, lol! Hope you have another good week!


Great Weekly ReCap! I love that idea!!!

your little girl is ADORABLE!!!! and I am going to find me some CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE ICECREAM!!!!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Being so new, I am continually amazed at all the different and wonderful blogs. I LOVE yours and you are so sweet and funny.

I LOVE this weekly update idea, especially where you highlight things that were important to you from other people's blogs.

Thank you for blogging and being so nice to a newbie:) Happy Monday!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Oh wait!
I forgot to say how much " I love the pic of Wild child between your legs" LOL

Christal said...

aww thanks love this idea you always have fun posts makes me laugh sometimes and you always have alot of fun!! Thanks for the shout out glad you enjoy them!