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Monday, September 22, 2008

Renewed Life...Know Your Limits!

Project Better Challenge at the bottom!
This photo is shameful to me. However, I feel the need to blog about it because of the huge change I have made. For the last couple years I felt no desire to decorate our home. I felt like I was struggling to make it through the day and the basic things I needed to do. I felt like I was just going through the motions of day to day life.

I knew I was overstressed and very unhappy. I knew I was over my limit and something needed to change.

Before Foster Son came into our home we had two other foster children for 3 days...I discovered that 3 children fit my life best. I turned down 15 foster children in one week! Then Dr. Hubby and Manga Dork begged to take Foster Son...and I gave in. He was quite the challenge and his strong dislike of Manga Dork created tension/stress/negativity in our home.

As I look back I am glad that we brought him into our home. It taught me lots of lessons and I truly believe we made a difference in his life.

In the last 5 weeks I have felt more like myself than I have for a long time! I have bought new decorations and I am looking forward to making our home come alive! I did not go out yesterday for my "girls day out." I was SO into finishing my decorating!

It feels good to be back...

Don't be afraid to push yourself, but learn your limits. Don't be ashamed of them.

Project Better Challenge

This week you have choices...

#1: Organize or makeover something in your child(ren)'s room(s).

#2: Clean out your vehicle.

#3: Clean your porch.

I am doing #1 this week. I have already done #2 & #3! Choose to do one project or two or all three! Have fun! Post about your before/after on Thursday evening and let me know you did. I will link to your post on Friday morning when I post my results!

Happy Monday!


Jan said...

What a great sign of getting back to your old self again. You have been giving so much, that you forgot to give to yourself. It looks fantastic. You really are motivating me Scrappy. I am just going to think about you all week long as I progress along. Love your porch. Very inviting.

Lawanda said...

WOW! How pretty!!! I am not much of a decorator! You go girl, you are getting tons of stuff accomplished!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow! this was sooooo inspiring!!! i love the AFTER picture...shoot---to tell you the truth...i love the before picture, too! i wish i had a porch like that!!! you are lucky!!!

sometimes life's lessons are learned in very different ways....we just have to be open for te learnin part of them. looks like you were!!!! way to go! ♥

Keli said...

How nice is this? And good for you! I'm glad you are feeling better! And what a beautiful and inviting front porch! Love it!

Scrappy Girl said...

Actually this is technically my back porch, but it is the one everyone uses. You can't see our home from the road cause it sits so far back.

McEwens said...

WHAT a great job! I SO LOVE your porch!!!

Frumpy Luv said...

Isn't it so much fun when you can look back and say - wow!! I am in such a better place than I was back then! So very happy for you that things are going well.

I love all of your organizational challenges!! Once I don't need naps after finishing every small task and am more back into the groove of my life, I will so be catching up on these challenges!!

In the meantime ... yay for you!!!

Michelle said...

your porch looks fabulous! So festive! I need to get out the fall decorations!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

How lovely! I almost started crying. I'm tired for this weekend;)
I am so happy you are happy again and I love what you did with your porch!
Don't you love after you have done something like that going back and looking at it a hundred times?
I am so happy for the challenge.
I am picking cleaning the car and what a great time for that challenge becuz it is horrible after this last weekend!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog;)

da Bergs said...

I have to tell you I have ALWAYS LOVE porches!!! You have a great one! SO glad you are feeling better and look what you did!!! GOOD JOB Girlfriend!

DesertHen said...

I love your porch!!! I want to come sit on it with you........=)

I wish I had a porch or even a patio....then I could decorate it really, really cute.......

whirligigdaisy said...

Wow. This is beautiful.