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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beachy Dreams

I am starting to get excited about our upcoming trip to NYC. It made me think about our trip to NC this past May. I wanted to share some pics of that trip with all of you .

This is my Mom and sister. See I told you (in my 50 things) that we look like we are from different planets. LOL! Oh to be blessed with that height!
We visited a small zoo in Wilmington, NC. The babies were amazed to see "Diego's animals."
We love to play Mini Golf. We visited the "Golfin' Dolphin" near Emerald Isle. This is me in front of the VERY BLUE water. Honestly, I love blueberry slushes and every time I looked at it I wanted one! Cutie Patootie threw her ball AND putter in this water. Oops!
Manga Dork is a good mini golfer. She tore up the track over at the go-karts also. Foster Son took his first ride on them. He wrecked with my Sis. Oops again!
Last year when we visited the beach the 2 babies were terrified and cried for the whole 45 minutes we were there. This year they loved it! They cried because we had to leave. The two big kids played in the ocean until they shriveled.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Relax!


Lawanda said...

Awesome pics!! I think you do look different than your sister, but you and your mom look a lot alike! :) At least people won't confuse you and your sister. Everyone always calls me "Leanna"... I don't think anyone ever calls her "Lawanda" though :-p

I love that last one, HOW CUTE IS SHE?!?! :)

Alexandra said...

Wonderful pics! You look like your mom in that pic! And the kids are too cute! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Jan said...

Love all the pictures and the tale of the fun time. Glad to see a your sister and mother and the kids. So cute. The beach is always a blast. Well, the typhoons aren't so fun.

Frumpy Luv said...

These picture tell us you had a fantastic time!! Me and one of my sisters are also from other planets (she was in beauty ...er scholarship pagents, need I say more?) Love her like a sister, she is awesome.

Terri said...

These pictures make me so excited about our upcoming vacation. Love the purple marker picks a few post back. We have been really busy the last couple of days, so I am catching up on my blogging. And yes, we all have the outside boredom problem.

Manga Dork said...

I can not wwait till August it will be soooo much FUN! :):):):)

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! and WOW your sister is TALL~