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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Upsa Daisy Day!

Today is National Upsa Daisy Day! Today is the day that everyone is supposed to wake up with a smile on their face! Did you? I can't help but smile first thing every morning. Our 2-year-old gets me up with her blanket still stuck in her mouth!
As of last night I have 6 children instead of 4! We have 2 cousins (15 years and 8 years) visiting for a week. So now I have ages 2,3,8,8,12,15. AHHHH! What was I thinking! LOL!
Hope you have a sunny Sunday!


The Momster said...

I had no idea it was a 'holiday'! I personally like Hoodie Hoo Day - which is February 20th :)

Have fun with the cousins. I love having a house full of kids. It's a two-fold blessing
1. I love to hear the giggling
2. The Doodlebug is no longer bored... lol

Have a great day!

Jan said...

I had no idea about this holiday. What a fun one though. I can't remember if I was smiling or not. But I wasn't frowning. So that must count for something right. Have fun with all those kids.

Alexandra said...

Awesome holiday - and I missed it! *Sniff*

What WERE you thinking - LOL! Have fun with all those gorgeous babies, and enjoy the time with them!