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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Cook"in'...And not cookin'

I woke up this morning and hoped my day was nothing like yesterday. Foster son got out of bed - he had barely peed. I cleaned my house - the kids helped without complaining. They were given free time - no argueing. I changed Cutie Patootie's diaper - no more diarhea. Wow! I am on a roll...so I turn on "The View" (cause I like to listen to them do their "Hot Topics)," and guess who one of the guests was?! DAVID COOK!!! (and david archuletta too).

The winds have changed! He was so fabulous! I love how he speaks so eloquently and uses vocabulary that confuses most of the other celebrities. I can't wait to get his CD.
I am still a little bored. I think I will take the kids to the library. Which means I have to get myself out of pj's. I requested books by Sandra Lee. You know, the Semi-Homemade lady. I am a terrible cook. I have been feeling self conscious about it lately too. My cooking is a family joke. Nothing like having one of your weaknesses brought to your attention at EVERY family get together. Hey, it is better than discussing my weight!
Speaking of my weight and lack of cooking skills...maybe we will go gourmet for dinner...
Happy Tuesday!


Frumpy Luv said...

It's no fun to have family pick on your sensitive bits - I hope aunt flo comes a calling - maybe that will help things out??? Good luck!!

Jan said...

Hurry Flo. I am tired of waiting. She is no fun..

I hope that it all works out. I missed the David Cook thing. Oh no. He is so cool.

McDonalds and I need to reunite. I haven't been there for awhile. Take care Scrappy..

The Momster said...

Do you crockpot? I have found it's hard to mess up a good crockpot meal.

Here's hoping you start feeling better soon. I've been out of commission with a headache all stinky day!

Terri said...

Hey, check out Easy Recipe Thursday on my blog.. there are lots of really yummy and easy recipes that are shared. By the way I have posted but the new blog list at blogger doesn't seem to always work. It says I posted a week ago, and I posted today. Thought I'd let you know.

Mechelle said...

The crockpot is a great idea. But I can mess up on even that! Cooking is an art that took me time to figure out. I am a good cook now, but we all eat lots of not so good dinners in the past couple of decades! (HOW DID I GET SO OLD!!!!) You can do it, I know. Heres to a better Wed. M

COMcewens said...

I am also a big crock pot fan! WAY easy to do!

Missed David Cook, I hope he is as nice as he appeared to be!

Hope it is a better day!