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Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear Bloggy Readers,

I write you with an annoying dilemma. It is summer time and the days are bright and sunny. The temperature here has been moderate and the breezes are delightful. I have 4 children. These children spent the entire winter indoors. We actually did not get to have one romp in the snow due to runny noses and the flu. When spring came I just knew the kids would be like birds let out of a cage. Instead this is what I deal with daily:

Foster son sits and "twittles" his thumbs until I bring them in for a meal. Then he jumps up and comes running. He says there is nothing to do outside.
Manga Dork was found twirling this broom in a completely bored state. She acts like I am punishing her. It stresses me out. I feel like I am being mean wanting them to play outside.
Wild Child is the one who does the most playing outside. She would be no problem if she didn't end up with an "injury" every 5 minutes. Here she is holding ice (and eating it too) in a baggy on a foot injury.
Cutie Patootie refuses to leave her clothes on while outside. She cries and cries and cries.

The babies do occasionally find entertainment while "on the outside." Last night they took all the pea sized gravels from the flower bed and put them all over the porch. Fun!

Where have I gone wrong? Is a trampoline, swing set, playhouse, sandbox, jungle gym, slide, basketball hoop, wagon, and every ball imagineable not enough? Should we add a roller coaster or a concession stand? What about a petting zoo? I could hire a magician or clown!?

Am I alone in this problem? Are there others out there with children who want to do nothing but lay on their butts in front of a TV? Please help...

UnHappy Scrappy


Jan said...

You are never alone in this problem Scrappy. It is universal. And if you find the solution. You will be one rich momma. Take care and I hope it gets better. Your a great mom.

Stacy said...

So glad you stopped by my blog. We like to freak people out by saying my sister is only 5 months older than me, lol. The pictures of the girls with markers all over is so cute. I have pictures like that of my daughter.

Lawanda said...

My kids have this problem when it is too hot out. I usually make them stay outside anyhow. :-p The pool really helps. And it is just a little one, too! :)

The Momster said...

Well, I think you should march them out and have them sit on the steps and tell them they are not allowed to get up FOR ANYTHING until it's time for lunch. What the reaction you get then. :) Please don't call family services.

We had these elderly neighbors when we were first married who told us that when their kids where little and complained about being bored (living in the country) they made them go out and pick up rocks. Talk about torture!

Seriously, if you come up with a solution I would love to know it!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

There is a great list of summertime activities at the unpink life blog. You'll have to google it, I'm too lazy to look it up for you.

Also a suggestion for the older ones is the Super Summer Challenge as talked about in Sanity in the SUmmertime, a must have book.

Mechelle said...

My sister has this problem with her kids so you are not alone. With my kids, I just give them a job if they come inside. They learn real quick, that outside breathing that fresh mountain air is much better then cleaning base boards with an old toothbrush!

Here is a link that might help.


Her mission statement is: Giving children back their childhood by swimming upstream in this technological world, and trying not to drown!

I really like the site. Let me know if it helps.


I would love to add you to my reader, but your site address does not come up with I go to your site. Could you email it to me so I wont miss any of your fun posts? THANKS! My email is: gr8photos@hotmail.com

♥Merrianne♥ said...

you are DEFINTELY not alone!!!! my daughter loves the outdoors a LOT...but my son would rather sit in front of the TV ALL DAY LONG! It was like pulling teeth to get him outside for more than 15 minutes.

One time my kids saw a Commercial that said "GO OUT AND PLAY ONE HOUR A DAY" and I said that was the NEW LAW and they HAD to go out & play atleast one hour a day or they could get in trouble with the cops!

They believed me ---Because IT WAS ON TV so it HAD TO BE TRUE!!!!---and it just so happens that a Police Man lives right next door to us!!!! So that helped out! :)

SO...that is how I get my kids (esp. my son) to play outside atleast one hour a day....as long as the weather permits :)

Manga Dork said...

Mom it is really hot out and you made us stay out there all day! A pool would help if you got one we would stay out there as long as we could stay in the pool luv ya!

Alexandra said...

I find that assigning chores cures this problem - LOL! They would rather be bored outside than working inside!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex