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Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Review

Dr. Hubby bought me this DVD the other day. I was so excited to watch it. I wanted to see it when it was in the theatres. It was reviewed as "Hysterically Funny and Deeply Heartwarming." My opinion is that it was a little slow at times. "Hysterically funny" is very misleading because you are expecting belly laughs. There are some really cute giggles. I definitely agree with heartwarming. I enjoyed the friendship between the two actors. Jack Nicholson was not too over the top and Morgan Freeman was his cool self. They captured my heart with their portrayal of two men with a limited time to live.

I kinda wished we had rented it instead of buying it! I would definitely suggest watching it! If you have seen it...what did you think?


Jan said...

I haven't watched this one thankfully. I guess I won't now. Thanks for the heads up..

Lawanda said...

I enjoyed it. I thought about buying it. It made me cry :) And laugh ;)

Alexandra said...

I loved this movie - it was great and I want to buy is as well! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Cherie said...

Hi sorry - Just looking at your movie reviews for a good movie. I liked this one. Just found out a friend from high school has terminal cancer. He is young so he made a bucket list but he calls it his F _ _k It list! (sorry) I think he is a bit angry and I cannot say I blame him.