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Saturday, June 14, 2008

When it rains....It Pours

We are still continuing all the fun with the cousins. We invited Manga Dork's 2 BFFs over and had a late night waterballoon fight. They were so funny. Wild Child and Cutie Patootie would only throw pink balloons.
On Friday, Mother In Law and I took my 4 kids, the 2 cousins, and the 2 BFFs to the local pool. It was my first time there. I have only swam in a public pool once and I ended up with pink eye. Not fun. They all had a great time. Cutie Patootie took up for Wild Child against a little boy trying to steal her rubber ducky. The sight of it touched my heart and I ended up in tears.
Friday night we had a rough thunderstorm. I was hoping it wouldn't blow our new trampoline off the hill! We have such rough winds we are going to anchor it down. Luckily, it was still there this morning.
I woke up this morning with terrible PMS. I have always had a rough time, but it seems to be getting worse. When I went to the gyno she showed me a chart and asked me to name the symptoms off that chart that I was having. Simple....ALL OF THEM! LOL! She offered medication, but I want to try some other things before taking medicine. My mood swings are the hardest to deal with because I know this affects my family (not just me). I try my best, but I know I am cranky and I CRY constantly. Do you know any tips on dealing with PMS?

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! Don't forget tomorrow is Father's Day!


The Momster said...

A water balloon fight sounds like fun! Maybe I'll add that to our list of 'to do' things.

Glad to hear the trampoline survived the winds-I'd hate to go and chase one down!

Hope the PMS is getting better. Yikes LOL

Jan said...

Sounds like so much fun.

I relate to PMS. I have had it my whole life and it does get worse as you age. But you deal with it better when the kids get older and you start to honor what you can and can't handle. I have tried several things and I haven't found the one cure. Just sleep and don't over do your commitments. And warn everyone like you did with the cute picture. Take care..

Lawanda said...

I was up in Wellsburg for that storm, and boy was it scary! Eeek!

I'm sorry you have yucky pms'ing symptoms :( I hope you can find something to help.