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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Retail therapy...exhaustion...and a tribute to Scratchy the Squirrel

Yesterday I took our foster son for his weekly therapy session and then I went and did a little RETAIL THERAPY of my own. I went to Bath and Body Works and took advantage of their semi-annual sale! If you do not hit this sale you are missing out!Then I went to Michaels and used my 50% off coupon on an embossing folder for my Cuttlebug machine. I know it is not a big item to use for a 50% off, but I don't need anything else. Did I just say that?! LOL!

Next I went to my FAVORITE STORE in the whole world. I kid you not, I get a sense of calm and can feel myself relax when I walk through the doors. My fave purchases from the past: Kathy Van Zeeland purse, Betsey Johnson sunglasses, Baby Phat sunglasses, and my Tommy Hilfiger beach towels. Gee I sound like such a label hoe. LOL!
Today was exhausting! After all the fun I had yesterday I had to really behave myself and clean the house. The laundry is just hopeless. I had 4 loads of just TOWELS! That should be illegal.

Scratchy the Squirrel
??? - June 12, 2008
Rest In Peace
Early in the afternoon all the kids had a basket running laps around the house. They informed me that they were going to catch a squirrel. They finally gave up. Later this evening, Sebastian the Yellow Lab finished the job for them. Our 3 year old threw a fit and had Dr. Daddy get the squirrel from the dog. Then (with latex gloves) he carries it in the garage to get her to stop crying. She then BEGS Dr. Daddy to "scratch the squirrel to save him." Dr. Daddy scratches the squirrel. When that doesn't work she takes the gloves and scratches it too. After a few scratches she turns, removes the gloves and says, "Now he is happy." She goes back to the trampoline and is fine. Strange. It was pretty funny to see Dr. Hubby scratching a dead squirrel with his gloves. Sadly, that is probably not the weirdest thing he has ever treated! LOL!
Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here.


Lawanda said...

LOL about the squirrel! Glad you got to do some "me" shopping :) that always makes one feel so nice ;)

The Momster said...

We seem to have identical minds with the retail therapy. I love my retail therapy...I need more!

Too cute about the squirrel!

Frumpy Luv said...

I love TJ Max too - ahh shopping - wish I could do it more!! may scrachy RIP. =)

Jan said...

Love to retail therapy, but have hardly done it lately. The prices are way out of control anymore. But it is fun to look.

That squirrel thing is so funny. RIP for sure. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

EEEW....that poor squirrel! I guess that's just the Law of the Jungle! :)

Sounds like you had some FUN SHOPPIN'!!!


Manga Dork said...

I loved shopping with you! That is too funny about the squirrel!!!
Happy thursday to you too!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for reminding me of the Bath and Body sale! I plan on going tomorrow! Sad story about the squirrel! It hard for kids to understand.

scrappyhappy08 said...

Good Times!! I only have a Ross here but I do find some great SB albums there for alot cheaper than anywhere else...Michael's still carries some of the ones I've seen for more that half the price! Your slip n slide story cracks me up!!!! I've had some silly times with my mom and aunts just like that!! Hey you have to let loose sometimes!! :)

Anonymous said...

Retail therapy...it really does work! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Hope you can visit again soon. Loved you slip n slide story :)