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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

What are you doing special for your Dad or the Father of your kids? Tell me all about your Father's Day celebration! Post a comment to this post. Then Monday night at 9 pm eastern I will set up a poll using my 4 favorite comments. Then everyone can vote for their favorite until Friday night at 9 pm eastern. The winner will receive some goodies to help scrapbook about their celebration!

We gave hubby a RELAX basket. It had 2 Gun magazines, a Cabellas magazine, a Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer, Dove chocolates, and a DVD of 3 of Kevin Costner's movies. He loves Dances with Wolves!

Have a great Sunday!


The Momster said...

Let's see - since I'm married to The UIC aka Mr. Baseball, we picked out two Baseball themed tee-shirts for him and got him a new pair of Levi denim shorts (since he claims that I lost them...right! I also spent all of last night till around 3 this morning creating a six minute movie of pictures of he and The Doodlebug. It was priceless. I'm going to put a copy of it in her scrapbook as well.

Frumpy Luv said...

Well - I am queen of last minute, so for the father of my kids (hubbie) at the last minute he got a professional back massage on Saturday and a dinner out with his lovely wife that night, then kids and I made him brekkie this morning.

For my father, he got a gushing email and will be getting a book he should love delivered on Tuesday (thank goodness for amazon).

I am determined to be MORE ORGANIZED for Mothers and Fathers day next year.

Jan said...

We got ready for church, went there, came home played on the couch with our dog and daughter, going out to the hay fields to look for bugs, snakes and mice. Seriously. Take a nap. My parents are coming over at 5:30 to have hambugers and open gifts. I got my dad the only thing in the store that I knew he didn't have. And he probably won't want this because I have no clue what it is. I did get my husband the toaster/oven and glasses and then a little tool. Then my son is coming for a visit and then hopefully we will go on our nightly walk and then hopefully we can go to bed. Boring but that is us really.

You have a great day with the family Scrappy girl..

Samantha said...

Sounds like your hubby got quite the fun Father's Day treat! We have no kids, so we don't really celebrate Father's Day around here. I did, however, make my dad a card and burned him a couple of CDs :)

PS - I'm jealous that your mom got all the SU pads, too! I'm slowly building up to that point. For now, though, I have quite a few ink pads that should last me a long time :)

Lawanda said...

I think our daddies had a good day around here ;) I will vote, but I don't need anymore scrap stuff. My lands, I am overwhelmed by the shear amount in my basement already!! LOL

Merrianne & Spencer said...

For Father's Day:
Libby (our 10 yr old) made a wooden monkey & palm tree figurine and painted it. It has 2 monkeys hanging from the tree & she said one was her & the other was her daddy. :) It is very cute! She said it was her & her daddy Monkeying Around! :)

Jacob (our 5 yr old) wrote a "talk" and read it aloud to his daddy. It was adorable! It was all about his daddy & how much he loves him.

We got him a White Satin Tie and we decorated it with paint markers and it said Happy Father's day...We Love You....You're The Best Dad....and he wore it to church. Everyone loved it and he felt very special.:)

I got him a Box of Tupperware...my husband LOVES tupperware! I also made him his favorite meal & dessert. He didn't have to clean anything, wash dishes, etc... he was waited on Hand & Foot.

It was such a great day! :)

((Hope i win!))

Terri said...

My kids made a wooden block picture puzzle. They painted three blocks each, and then I glued two pictures of the kids and him to the tops and cut them with an exacto knife. He can display this at work and use it as a stress reliever. The kids and I also made him homemade cards.

For Mother's Day, I received a Spa Day, so to return the nice gift favor, I purchased he and his great friend tickets to their favorite NFL team.

For the actual day, we went camping Sat. night for the first time with our children. We had a relaxing funfilled day of swimming, fishing, and cooking out.