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Monday, June 23, 2008

Moody Monday

Ok, this is torture...I am starting to wonder if my PMS is going to linger FOREVER...Aunt Flo...where are you? I have been having mood swings one after another. I am sure my family thinks I am just a ball of fun. Yikes!
This made me giggle today. One of the few things that broke through the hard shell of my PMS armor.

I am having Mommy Overload and I need a small break. I am trying to help Manga Dork lose a few pounds by watching her food intake . Foster son's therapist wants him to stop bed wetting. I have to make peeing the bed VERY inconvenient for him so it is easier NOT to pee the bed. Not fun. Wild Child is not cooperating with the potty training. Cutie Patootie has a bad case of diaherhea. Yuck!

Hope everyone is having alot more fun! Happy Monday!


The Momster said...

Oh boy, sounds like you've not had a great day ... I hope things get better. I spent tonight explaining to The Doodlebug why it was important to wash your sheets and actually put them back on the bed. "But Mom..."

My PMS - Pretty MEAN Syndrome - I think that's what we called it in highschool.

Have a better Tuesday :)

Jan said...

I wish I could take all your troubles away. I have the same symptoms at times. It is absolutely no fun when you trying to potty train too. 1 task is 20 tasks with PMS... Sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

A.M.E.N. Sista!!!

COMcewens said...

OMG!!! 13 had me laughing outloud!!!

Manga Dork said...

Hey mom yes you are aball a fun!!
Luv Ya

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

how old is your bed wetter? I have one too -- 4 years old.

i know how hard life can be. but just know i think you are beautiful!

Lawanda said...

I hope your week gets better!! Sounds like a lot of stress! Man, pms'ing AND all that other stuff?! (((Hugs)))

Mechelle said...

It can only go up from here! Love how real your blog is. Makes me feel normal! M