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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FINALLY! My Computer Came Home!

Well, I am officially "BUG-Free" and my computer is well again. I have missed blogging SO much. The few times I was able to get on here were not enough! I look forward to catching up with everyone.

While in Blog Limbo I came up with some things I would like to do with my blog to make it more interesting. I definitely enjoy sharing my weight loss journey and my cardmaking so I will continue to do so. I also love to share photos so I am thinking of doing a Photo of the Day/Week.

My kids are out of school for the summer. Today is their first day of freedom. I love coming up with a new schedule. So far they are walking around like zombies. This is where I will start coming up with stuff for them to do (usually housework) when they look bored. You would be surprised how fast this kicks them out of the zombie routine and into finding things to do on their own. LOL! You have to be a sneaky Mom!

Happy Tuesday! (I REALLY miss AI)

1 comment:

Lawanda said...

LOL!! That is sneaky! ;) I used to be sneakier. I seem to have lost my edge. haha

I like your blog, looking forward to more pics!