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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Date Night

We started our date night with a visit to the "Big Boy Toy Store." This store bores me to the extreme! I tucked my new People magazine in my purse and read a little in between the gun safes and floor mats!

The next stop was TJMaxx. Oh I fell in love with a Betseyville purse ($99 on clearance). It was hot pink and black leather...the leather was soft as silk...I wanted to kiss it, hug it...It stayed there though. The strap was too small to put over my shoulder. I don't know why she makes her straps so short. I challenged Manga Dork to drink all her water for the day...she's been struggling with this. Her reward...a tshirt and XOXO wallet to match her XOXO purse! Well done MD!

I still can not believe we ate at Wendys on date night.

After choking down the dry grilled chicken sandwich and naked baked potato we headed to the Marquee Cinema. This movie was not my pick, but I absolutely loved it. I love John Travolta as the bad guy. He is fantastic. Not as good as his bad guy in the movie "Broken Arrow," but very close.

Then we ended the night at Walmart. When I asked the 2 little ones what they wanted me to bring them home they said...cake! So I bought them one of the mini bday cakes ($3.50).

All in all it was an ok date night...I let Dr. Hubby pick several things in an attempt to break him out of his "funk." Unfortunately he still seems stressed.

Happy Weekend! Do something F*U*N!


Lisa Loo said...

sounds like fun--sorry hubby is still stressed---
I love our SUper Wal-Mart--does that make me cheap and tacky??!!

Bobbi Jo said...

Scrappy Gal,
What a lady to hang with her hubby at the big boy store. I actually like that place! The purse sounds like something I would be dreaming about. Hmmm wonder if they have it here in Arizona. John looks hot in that movie.
Maybe next time you get to pick out where to go and what to see.
My hubby has been stressed lately too. Sometimes drives me crazy. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

tammy said...

Yay for date night!

I don't see how you ate a naked potato - blah!

Couture Le Papier said...

Ha ha!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Cadance said...

I went to my first Cabela's in WV...it was similar to the Bass Pro Shope we had in Vegas....yep...I would have wanted my magazine too!!!

I agree the low point of the date was the trip to Wendy's....normally this is where I'd tell you how that was just unacceptable....but it has been so long since I've had a date night with my husband that even Wendy's sounds great! LOL!

rad6 said...

Any date night is a good date night... who cares where, really!
Our last date night... hmmm... oh last night... to the temple, then cleaning the temple after our session, then out to icecream. (Personally, one of my favorite date nights.)

Dana and Daisy said...

I totally thought Father's Day was today! ha ha! I even took Steve out to breakfast and woke up this morning and said "Happy Father's Day" and sent my own dad an email! ha ha!

Dana and Daisy said...

my dad was quick to point out I was wrong. He loves to do that.