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Monday, June 15, 2009

WV or Bust!

Today we will be attending "Color Your Own Bear" workshop at our library. It is part of the "Be Creative" Summer Reading Program. I have requested some books to get my "reading mojo" rejuvenated! I still have not finished reading even one book...I am almost there though. I look forward to making my 2009 Books Read list.

Our summer reading program on the farm started last week too. The girls (plus niece and nephew) chose their first books for Book Report Night (June 20). The theme is Summer. Their books have to be about summer or take place during summer. They also learned that for every 50 pages they read they earn one star. Stars will be displayed in the scrappy schoolhouse. The auction/party will take place in August.

After the library the girls and I will be traveling to WV to spend some time with my parents! I can't wait to see them, my grandparents, and BFF Ruth!

Happy Monday!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Have a great time together. And do take pictures. I love your pictures.

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm so happy to hear people still read. I'm wuffling with joy.

Sondra said...

I have been terrible about reading lately... Yesterday I finally picked up the last book of Harry Potter and am determined to get that read (after having it for over a year). I need to start reading again. From your summer projects - I encouraged Brady to start reading and he is doing it. I love it!! and love that I can get some computer time too :-).