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Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Thoughts From A SemiBored Housewife On Monday Morning

On Saturday (while I was fighting a yellow lab in my underpants in the front yard) Dr. Hubby was out in town for the day with his Dad. While out and about he picked up his Father's Day gift. Hallelujah! He is so hard to buy for...I love when we discuss what he wants and then he picks it up. I suck at present giving to him...which makes me really nervous about the 15 year anniversary present I have in mind for him. We had a great Father's Day. He was "the boss" all day long.

I am going with the flow on my diet and all is well...except for a few cravings. Oh yeah...and after the cat/dog/underpants incident I wanted to eat REALLY bad. I am a stress/emotional eater and not having a way to express all of that drove me nuts. I decided to alleviate my stress by being a real b%$#& for the rest of the day.

Today we are going to the library for our weekly class. The theme is "Make Your Own Instrument." I requested several books by Madeleine Wickham (aka Sophie Kinsella). I love the Shopaholic books and I look forward to seeing the difference between the books she writes in her "real name."

I haven't mentioned my relationship with my inlaws lately...that is because all is well. For now.

Have a happy Monday! Bachelorette is on tonite!


Bobbi Jo said...

Scrappy Girl,
I can understand the emotional eating. Get it out of your system and just jump right back on the healthy eating that will make you feel so much better.
I do the same thing with hubby. He asked for the weirdest things with so much detail I would surely get the wrong thing if I tried.
I am here for you if you need to chat. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

tammy said...

Let me know how you like the books. I've been wanting to try her out too.

Luvpilot picked his own present, emailed me the link and I ordered it! Along with a couple of little things I picked on my own. I did good.

Pam said...

I love it when my husband picks out his own presents. He decided that he wants a tankless water heater for a present this year. lol

I understand about the cravings. When it is hot, I want ice cream!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm a terrible emotional eater. That's why I freeze everything!

DesertHen said...

I bought Hayman his Father's Day gift, birthday gift and 20 year anniversary gift a few weeks back. He had been looking at a new dirt bike for weeks and himming and hawing about buying it. So I went and had the paperwork all done up and called him to tell him to make the trip to town to the bike shop cause something was waiting for him. So I'm off the hook for gift giving for the rest of the year as the bike was major $$$$$!!! I doubt he will put the same effort into my b-day present or anniversary gift, but it doesn't matter....men just don't get the whole gift giving thing anway.

Glad all is going well with the in-laws. Happy Monday....=)

Cadance said...

hey...you did great on that Father's Day gift!!!! and how sweet of him to pick it up too! =)