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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Tomorrow will be Manga Dork and Wild Child's last day of school! Hurray! I love the last couple weeks of school. I go into planning mode. I get out a notebook and a pen and sit around coming up with ideas to make this the best summer EVER!

Here's what I have for this summer so far...

Manga Dork and I will be joining our local TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly). We are going to both try to drop 24 pounds by the time school starts again. There is a reward to be earned by Manga Dork if she accomplishes this task.

I am going to be traveling to my parent's home at least once a month with the 3 girls. I am hoping to get in a girls nite out with BFF Ruth each time too. I miss her alot.

Dr. Hubby and I will be celebrating our 15th anniversary on July 8th. He mentioned something about Niagara Falls...fingers crossed!

Princess For a Day...each girl will get one day completely alone with me...to do whatever she wishes. They won't know when it will be until they awaken to a **CROWN**.

4th of July...we usually host our "Firecracker Festival" at our home with Dr. Hubby's family. This is kinda gettin' old...so I think I may "revamp" it.

In August...Manga Dork, my mom, and I will be driving to NC to see Lil Sis...I am also hoping to meet the Purple Diva and Suzie...fingers crossed again.

We always do the library reading program...Manga Dork is officially too old...{pause for tears}
I also come up with my own book club. It includes my kids and my niece and nephew. We usually get together with everyone on the farm once a week and they give reports of their assigned book. In the past they have earned stars for each book they read...they redeem them at an "auction."
I also have plans for some "school" at the schoolhouse for the little ones.
I am not finished planning...hopefully I can sit down today and think of some more.
Any great ideas? I would love to have some fresh ones...


Sandy Toes said...

Good for you and planning! I am a get up early and let's go type of person...lots of water and plenty of popsicles!
plus sand~

Jan the crazy lady said...

Those are great ideas. I think you have a great plan of action. Just enjoy the unstructured time too. Those hold some really great treasures.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love that princess picture! And I'm so glad you encourage reading!

Bobbi Jo said...

Summer sounds like a busy yet fun one.
Good luck at TOPS . Should be fun with Magna Dork. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Cherie said...

As you know I am a planner too! Love your activities. Summer is the best!

I also wanted to tell you that my hubby and I celebrate our Anniversary on July 7th - Very close!! We are 25 this year!!

Fun Stuff!!

Pam said...

Those sound like great plans. I am having my kids do some volunteer work this summer.
I love that you are encouraging reading.

Chrispea said...

Over the summer, I pay a penny a page for books read... so, if they read say a 600 page Harry Potter book, they get $6... not too bad for sitting around. My kids are going to summer camp. It's a day camp program run by my county. I love it. It's from 10-3 everyday, and they get to go out and safely play everyday.

Cadance said...

great ideas! and I ♥ your blog-header picture...makes me wanna be at the BEACH...but first I need the Rain to STOP and go away...ALL SUMMER LONG! PERASE! =)

DesertHen said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun planned for the summer. And how cool that you will travel once a month to see your family and best friend....=D

Sondra said...

Wow!! You are very organized and have such great ideas. I can only dream of these fun things - not being a stay at home mom. My poor children have just had to hold their own. We were lucky that Brady had the Boys and Girls Club really close - it was fun when he was younger. Now, he's too old and stuck to the computer 24/7. He doesn't have a church camp for a week at the end of June and drivers training starts July 5th when he gets back.

I seriously think I need to do some type of reward for reading a book. Such great ideas.. I need to be better motivated to keep Brady active this summer.

Compared to you - I'm severely lacking as a mom.