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Friday, June 19, 2009

I Finished A Book!

I can't believe that it is mid-June and I just finished my first book in 2009! I requested sTori Telling by Tori Spelling from the library and I picked it up on Monday. I finished it Wednesday evening.

I am a relatively new Tori Spelling "fan." She captured my interest through her reality show Tori and Dean: Inn Love and Home Sweet Hollywood. I wanted to learn more. This book goes from her childhood (briefly) to right after she gave birth to Liam. I am a pop culture junkie and this book fed that addiction. I was not a 90210 fan, but I loved her Saved By the Bell character, Violet Bickerstaff. How had I forgotten those pigtails and that laugh! Her first screen kiss was SCREECH! I finished this book feeling very bitter toward her mom and even some at Tori. The bitterness toward Tori is from how she and Dean got together...I have no tolerance for adultery...no matter what the reason. I also find it interesting to hear the real stories behind photographs the mags make up steamy stories about...the real story usually isn't as fascinating!

Interesting tidbit...she lost her virginity while wearing a Betsey Johnson dress! I {heart} Betsey!

I give this book ** out of *****!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Is that 2 out of seven or 2 out of eight. Because that could be really significant.

Scrappy Girl said...

Ummm...2 out of 5!

Bobbi Jo said...

I am currently reading Forever by Judy Blume. It is rather juicy and racy. Hmmm probably not a book I should read. Opps almost done with it now.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

DesertHen said...

I've been reading the same book for over a month now. I have been so busy at work, then I come home do the normal house stuff and family stuff and by the time I go to bed I only get through half a chapter before I'm asleep. Maybe I will get through two books this summer...if I'm lucky! =)

Shanda said...

I want to read this also. I became a fan after watching her new show. I should check our library to see if its in yet.