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Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Drama...Worm Races...TV Addiction

Well...I didn't go to the family reunion this weekend...but being 4 hours away still did not help eliminate the family drama!

I wish we only had ONE! LOL! Here's the deal...I'll do the long story short thingy...hold on to your underpants...here we go...
Manga Dork was going camping with cousins (Dr. Hubby side)...they decided to take along 2 16-year-old boys and weren't going to tell us (Cousin KK "accidentally" told MD)...we won't let Manga Dork go...you don't send 13 year-old girls camping with unfamiliar older boys...cousins BLOW UP and cry and are "so hurt"...I get stressed....Manga Dork cries...Dr. Hubby takes her shopping and to the movies...MIL gets involved and says we are being too overprotective and offers to take Manga Dork on the camping trip...can't get anyone to understand that it is the situation not that I don't trust the adults to supervise (to some degree I don't)...I tell MIL that Dr. Hubby said no to her taking MD...we are accused of keeping MD in a "hole"...fast forward to Sunday...Dr. Hubby talks to mom and has to defend our parenting...Dr. Hubby says I did not tell him MIL offered to go...I did...he gets mad...we argue...he says things that hurt my feelings...we are fine...still no camping.
Today we are going to the library for the summer reading program...We are racing WORMS! This should be interesting with Cutie Patootie's inability not to "break" them.
On the plus side....Bachelorette is on tonite...I am so hooked on this show. My faves from the beginning...
1. Jake
2. Ed
3. Kiptyn
Happy Monday!


Merrianne said...

dang Scrappy girl.
you really ARE having to deal with In-Law drama!!!

i got your back sista!!!!

Jan said...

That mil of yours :( You need a medal of honor.

Well let us know about the worm wins. That is hilarious.

Haven't been watching the bachelorette.

tammy said...

Wow. I hate it when my in-laws try to tell me what my kids need. Bottom line, I'm their parent, I make the decisions.

Sondra said...

MIL has totally lost her mind. Oh my goodness.... shaking my head at how totally in left field she is.

Where is the commonsense? Seriously?

I am sorry you have to stand alone in your own wisdom again and again. You DO the right thing and are a very good mother.

What is sooooo wrong about keeping your daughter safe AND 13? Do we want them in a possible dangerous secretive situation? I think the biggest red flag was the secret = which equals danger.

:Someone up there" is totally watching your back, sister. Thank goodness it leaked out - and you were wise enough to take action.

Manga Dork said...

JAke Ed Kypton are just going to go away Micheal is the real winner!!!

Manga Dork said...


Manga Dork said...


Manga Dork said...

MIcheal likes burnt marshmallows that means he is AWESOME
so true so true~

Kristina P. said...

I can't get over the name Kiptyn. I haven't been able to muster any enthusiasm to watch, the past two weeks.

Cherie said...

I cannot believe how hard it can get with family sometimes but when your parenting is disrespected that is the hardest. These are your kids after all.
If it is any consequence I think you made the right decision. Things definately CAN happen.

MIL needs to back off!!

I am excited to watch Bachlorette tonight. I have missed so much - I totally need to catch up!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love that cat picture. And I don't blame you a bit.

Manga Dork said...

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Creative Mish said...

I totally agree with you! I wouldn't let a 13 year old go camping with 16 year old boys!!

DesertHen said...

You did the right thing by not letting MD go on the camping trip! Your parenting is right on the money! MIL needs her head examined!