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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Family = F*U*N!

We {LOVE} when our cousins come to visit. Manga Dork loves Cousin Ka-Ka alot!

Mother of The Year...I don't think so...children, don't try this at home.

The two little ones are in love with their Great Uncle Lige. Wild Child wouldn't let him out of her sight and of course Cutie Patootie has to do what she does!

Time to take Manga Dork to have her lip waxed!

Manga Dork took my camera {I can't believe I let her touch it!} and took several cool photos...I am so proud. However, I can't stand raw meat and this makes me want to throw up. The burgers were yummy though!
Happy Tuesday!
Real Housewives of NJ tonite at 10 pm on Bravo!


Cadance said...

yeah...that raw meat pic is making my stomach turn....

Family IS FUN!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Just plain cute Scrappy.

Trooper Thorn said...

Finally proof that dry cleaning bags really are a fun kid's toy. I'll have to send this picture to my ex so she can have the "supervised access" removed.

rad6 said...

So I keep seeing your comments on other blogs I visit and I decided it was time I clicked on yours. Glad I did.
I love your sand pic at the top... love love love it. I love pictures... we probably all do or we wouldn't spend so much time in blog land. Love your sense of humor. Had to save the cartoon with the fish. Oh and then I saw that your BFF is named Ruth, and I knew we should be friends.
Hope you don't mind if I come by now and then! You have lots of bloggy friends... hopefully room for one more.
- Ruth
P.S. Did you know that in France (and many other places) they serve raw ground beef as a delicacy?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! And the picture of the saran wrap made me laugh. That would be something that would go on in our house.

tammy said...

{Laughing at Trooper Thorn's comment.}

Fun pics!

I just barely watched last week's HWNJ, can't wait for tonight's. Did they ever say what the name of that book is?

Sondra said...

Silly Pictures. Yes... Family Fun and more "fun" is that you have captured these moments forever!!

Manga dork seriously needs a shave - LOL

I was surprised to see Wild Child conked out. And Cutie Patootie quiet and stuck to her Uncle. Priceless.

Marilyn said...

I tagged you on my blog, www.melonscraps.blogspot.com

DesertHen said...

Great pics of all that family fun!

That lip needs some serious waxing..LOL!