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Monday, June 8, 2009

Yard Sales, 1100 Pound Birthday Presents, And Farm Feet

This weekend was our community yard sale. I think it adds up to about 20 miles of yard saling F*U*N! Dr. Hubby hauled my stuff down the hill on his trailer and I was in business!

SIL had a trailer full of stuff too...it really helped to have a partner when you needed to run to the bathroom...we were busy!
Well, after 2 days of selling I came out $240 richer...with no help from Annie Louise! What a lazy canine! I also came out looking alot like Mr. Krabs on Spongebob...I got a little sunburned...more than a little...

What do think Dr. Hubby was doing during all of this? Do you think he was right by my side selling? HA! Well, on Friday he worked...but on Saturday he went to Cabela's and picked up his birthday safe. It weighs 1100 pounds and cost more than it weighs! Can't wait til my bday! LOL!

I think I know the answer to the question "Did Cousin Bethany take a shower before bed?" LOL! Gotta love the farm! I will post later about the family fun we had!
Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

wow! congrats on the yard sale money!!! dang! you did great!!!


we still haven't moved yet :(
there are so many people buying houses these days that all of the lawyers are booked up for doing the closings & ours has been pushed back for a couple of weeks. :( aaahhhhhhhhh.......

so it has been stressful!

we can't wait to finally move :) and spencer said we ARE TAKING those ROSES with us :) lol

Marchelle said...

way to go on the sale! our community one was this weekend too but i didn't participate this year... felt like i didn't have enough stuff to make it worth while, but in reality i probably should have!

and how did you get a photo of my kids' feet?! LOL hey, we don't live on a farm and their's still look like that at the end of the day! haha

Jan the crazy lady said...

That is awesome. I

love farm feet. It is a healthy sign of fun around every bend.

Cadance said...

Awesome on the extra $$$!!! How much fun I would have shopping a huge sale like that!!!!!

Creative Mish said...

I'm not much into yard sales but if its a whole row of them I'll go... That makes it kind of like a flea market..

Sondra said...

I have been having the darnedest time getting on to your site. Explorer keeps erring out and I can't leave a comment. Today, I am using Safari with no problem. Hmmmm - is it my computer or Explorer????

Any whooooo... I am glad you made some money at your sale -- woo hoo..

I am VERY excited that Dr. Scrappy finally got his gun safe... Yeah! Great B-Day present.

Your birthday is the BOMB anyway - New Moon Release - it's never more fun than that!! A Twilight PAR-TY!!