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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where Were You?

I sometimes go back in time on my blog archive just to peek at what we were up to this time last year. I have been bored...shhh! Don't tell my mom I said "bored"...she'll find something for me to do! Did your mom do that? Do you do that to your kids? My mom STILL does it if I tell her over the phone...she just starts naming things...argh!

Well here is what I was up to June 30, 2008...

It was two weeks before we were leaving for NYC and I tried to move the plastic Dora stool with my toe and fell...and cut around the base of half mybig toe. Ouch! That hurt so bad. Dr. Hubby glued it well and I was fine walking in NYC! He was my hero! The scar feels really weird.

BTW...can you believe June is already gone! Wow! Don't blink...July will pass us by!

This Brightened My Day!

This morning I popped on my blog and started to visit my bloggy friends' blogs....I was SO surprised when I visited Shauna...I won a copy of The Pink Panther 2 on DVD! I {heart} Steve Martin! This was such a sweet surprise! Make sure you go visit her...she's a super blogger!

I am still going through alot with my MIL and that whole camping situation. The Niagara Falls trip and the 4th of July are currently doing battle and I feel like I am close to losing my mind. I would like to close my eyes and make it all disappear. How simple it should have been...I hate all the chaos and drama.

Happy Tuesday!
I miss the Housewives already...July 30th...Atlanta is back!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Everybody Likes Me...Nobody Hates Me...Think I'll Race Some Worms!

We arrived at the library approximately 5 minutes late and the races were already in progress. The girls found a piece of carpet so they could watch and patiently wait their turn...

Wild Child was up first. She was ready to squirt some worms on to victory! She was a smidge reluctant to pull her worm out of the cup...

When the lady said go she gave it her all...we had to slow down her squirting so she did not drown her worm...unfortunately she was not a winner.

Cutie Patootie stepped up, grabbed the water bottle, and with Manga Dork by her side was ready to go...

Her worm was a trickster and went under the dirt to stick his head out for the win...

This put Cutie Patootie in the finals for the birth - 4 category! We were so proud. Unfortunately her worm decided to take a nap (or drowned).

They each went home with a new pal to add to their collection of 8,673 stuffed friends. FUN!
Who knew worms could be so much FUN!
*I wish I could say no worms were harmed in the making of this blog post...but...I can at least say no worms got "broke."

Family Drama...Worm Races...TV Addiction

Well...I didn't go to the family reunion this weekend...but being 4 hours away still did not help eliminate the family drama!

I wish we only had ONE! LOL! Here's the deal...I'll do the long story short thingy...hold on to your underpants...here we go...
Manga Dork was going camping with cousins (Dr. Hubby side)...they decided to take along 2 16-year-old boys and weren't going to tell us (Cousin KK "accidentally" told MD)...we won't let Manga Dork go...you don't send 13 year-old girls camping with unfamiliar older boys...cousins BLOW UP and cry and are "so hurt"...I get stressed....Manga Dork cries...Dr. Hubby takes her shopping and to the movies...MIL gets involved and says we are being too overprotective and offers to take Manga Dork on the camping trip...can't get anyone to understand that it is the situation not that I don't trust the adults to supervise (to some degree I don't)...I tell MIL that Dr. Hubby said no to her taking MD...we are accused of keeping MD in a "hole"...fast forward to Sunday...Dr. Hubby talks to mom and has to defend our parenting...Dr. Hubby says I did not tell him MIL offered to go...I did...he gets mad...we argue...he says things that hurt my feelings...we are fine...still no camping.
Today we are going to the library for the summer reading program...We are racing WORMS! This should be interesting with Cutie Patootie's inability not to "break" them.
On the plus side....Bachelorette is on tonite...I am so hooked on this show. My faves from the beginning...
1. Jake
2. Ed
3. Kiptyn
Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stories From Candy-Land

After reading Tori Spelling's book sTori Telling I couldn't wait to get my hands on her mom's book. While there is the occasional juicy tidbit and sidenote to Tori this book is a little on the boring side. There is one chapter on office space that made my eyes cross...yawn! I also ended up skimming the last couple chapters. I find the book to be a self indulgent collection of not so interesting stories.

I would not suggest wasting your time. The best thing about this book is the candies they used for the "Ds" on the cover...those fruit slices are my very favorite candy!

I give this book * out of *****! (and that is being VERY generous)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Niagara Falls

For our 15th anniversary Dr. Hubby and I are going to Niagara Falls. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might have if you have visited there.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

I absolutely hate PMS. The little voices start telling me things that are untrue and they want me to have a pity party. They say things like...

You are so fat.
You are so ugly.
You should feel sorry for your husband because he has to have an ugly fat grouchy wife.
He deserves better than you.
You are lazy.
This house is a mess and it's because you are a terrible housekeeper.
You should just eat junk...you'll never lose weight.
You are worthless...what did you do today?...oh wow you did laundry...someone give you a trophy!
The only friends you have are on the internet.
Everyone secretly feels sorry for you.
Everyone knows this diet will last for a few weeks and then you will give up.
You are so needy.
I hate feeling like this. I am normally a very upbeat person. At least it only lasts a couple days.
On the bright side...this is one of the only times I speak my mind...and where am I going on Sunday...DR. HUBBY"S FAMILY REUNION! mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahha! Let the FUN begin!

My Thoughts

I always found Ed McMahon to be one of the "smiliest" men. I loved to hear him say..."Heeeerrreee's Johnny!" I wonder who will be the next "Face of Publisher's Clearing House?" I suggest Pauley Shore!

I was sad to hear that Farrah lost her battle with cancer. She was a beautiful woman and her thick gorgeous blond mane will never be forgotten!

When I saw the announcement of Micheal Jackson's death on my yahoo homepage I had to read it twice...what?...how sad. He seemed like such a tortured soul and really flew his freak flag high in past years. I almost felt like now maybe he will find peace...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust!

This evening Dr. Hubby mentioned he had eggs, sausage, and gravy for breakfast. I wanted to smack him...yeah this diet is getting on my nerves a little.

At TOPS we had great news again. I lost 1 pounds for a total of 13 pounds lost. Manga Dork lost 2.5 pounds for a total of 8.5 pounds lost. WooHoo! Manga Dork was the "Biggest Loser" of the whole group and received the pile of quarters. We each put in a quarter and if you have a gain you must pay a quarter per pound! She was thrilled! I was so proud. Her friend Taylor was sick and unable to join us.

btw...I am loving the blog suggestions you are giving. I have already fallen in love with a couple...keep 'em coming!

Bloggy Buddies Wanted...

Lately I have been blog surfing to find some great blogs to read. I have found several new addictions...but due to summer I still find myself with no new posts to read during my "downtime." So I need your help.

What is one of your favorite blogs to read?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jersey Girl F*U*N!

I decided to have a small "party" for the viewing of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion (Part 1). It all started when I found these blueberries from NJ!

Then I bought a set of 4 wine glasses at Walmart and some leopard print ribbon. I used black stickles to write the words. The jersey girls use these 4 words ALOT!

I knew we need to have "bubbies" and these pink snowballs were perfect!
To round off the food I got a bottle of sparkling cider (we are an alcohol free family) and Italian ice!

The girls did their best to get "jersified." They did not understand the concept of "big hair." They were all born in the 90s during the straight hair revolution...poor things...big hair is so FUN...I blame Jennifer Aniston.

The party started with a photo shoot. We sparkled with silver and gold and jewels! We were so glad MD's friend Taylor could join us.

My niece loved her "Absolutely" glass...she wasn't the least bit interested in the show...she just loves a good Aunt Scrappy party!

Then we had a Botox party...

and we all got breast implants!
The show was good...but it definitely left me wanting PART 2. It comes on Bravo Thursday! You can already feel the tension and a storm is brewing! FABULOUS!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes, I Really Am That Obsessed!

Tonight is Part 1 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion! I am having a small party to celebrate! I was feeling a little bored with this week so I decided to do something to "liven" it up!
It's gonna be F*U*N!

Monday, June 22, 2009

More "Undies" Action In Our Yard!

Today we had a program at our library for the Summer Reading Program. It was called "Make Your Own Musical Instrument."

The 2 little ones (along with our niece and nephew) made kazoos...

and tambourines...we "accidentally" left the tambourines in the car...shucks! heehee
After the library my SIL and I took all 5 kids to Walmart. I was a little worried where we were going to put all the groceries in the Escalade...
We piled all the kids in and then added the groceries. They complained about being squished so we went to MickeyDs and shut them up with ice cream cones! Did you know their vanilla cones only have 150 calories and 3 grams of fat?! Yummy! BTW...the spots on Cutie's cheeks in these pictures are a nasty rash that is on the mend.
Poor Wild Child had things laying on her...but thanks to a DVD and ice cream...she was cool with it!

When we got home we set up the plastic horse shoes in the backyard. Wild Child played in her undies...LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER! Heehee

Got any embarrassing "in my undies" stories?

Random Thoughts From A SemiBored Housewife On Monday Morning

On Saturday (while I was fighting a yellow lab in my underpants in the front yard) Dr. Hubby was out in town for the day with his Dad. While out and about he picked up his Father's Day gift. Hallelujah! He is so hard to buy for...I love when we discuss what he wants and then he picks it up. I suck at present giving to him...which makes me really nervous about the 15 year anniversary present I have in mind for him. We had a great Father's Day. He was "the boss" all day long.

I am going with the flow on my diet and all is well...except for a few cravings. Oh yeah...and after the cat/dog/underpants incident I wanted to eat REALLY bad. I am a stress/emotional eater and not having a way to express all of that drove me nuts. I decided to alleviate my stress by being a real b%$#& for the rest of the day.

Today we are going to the library for our weekly class. The theme is "Make Your Own Instrument." I requested several books by Madeleine Wickham (aka Sophie Kinsella). I love the Shopaholic books and I look forward to seeing the difference between the books she writes in her "real name."

I haven't mentioned my relationship with my inlaws lately...that is because all is well. For now.

Have a happy Monday! Bachelorette is on tonite!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Remember my post about a week or so ago about Thomas the barn cat?

He is the cat I was trying to make happy with the big red bow and...

the cat that loves to be carried like this by Wild Child. Turns out "he" is Thomasina...maybe that is why she was so grumpy!

Well...this afternoon I heard a scream from the front porch. I ran to the door to find Sebastian the Yellow Lab (my inlaw's dog) with his head in the cat carrier. The 2 little ones were screaming. I jumped out the door...put the 2 little ones off the porch and tried to beat Sebastian off the cage. He grabbed poor Thomas(ina) and I grabbed the 2 little ones and put them in the house so they could not see what was happening. I hit Sebastian as hard as I could with my hands, but I could not do anything to save her. I heard little bones crushing. Then I realized that I was only wearing my bra and panties! Yikes!

I had to go inside to tell my little ones that their best friend Thomas(ina) was dead. We cried together on my bed. Then Manga Dork and I had a good laugh about me running around the front yard in my undies hitting Sebastian...leave it to me to add humor to a very bad situation.

Dedicated to Thomasina
? - June 20, 2009
{HUG} your fur babies tight. Hope your weekend is going better than mine.

Pics From The Trip

Going to my parents' home always allows for some great wildlife sightings. This sneaky fox loves to come and get tidbits my mom throws out.

One afternoon my mom was eating lunch and she saw some little fingers reach up on the side of the porch and pull it's cute self up. He wanted her crackers. We say "Aw...how cute." Dr. Hubby says, "It's all fun and games until someone loses a finger." He has a bad case of "too many nights on call in the ER" syndrome.

The 2 little ones love petting the deer...however, Wild Child told Dr. Hubby she was going to take a gun and shoot one and eat it! She is such a tomboy.

My dad loves the deer and he even names some of them. He is always sad when he notices that one hasn't been back for awhile.

My parents' farm is green and lush and sits between two hillsides...this is what happens to Wild Child due to her allergies...thank God for Benadryl.

The girls have all been very close since summer started. Wild Child says Manga Dork is her "bestie." Cutie loves for Manga Dork to make her "fly like Tinkerbell."

One day of our visit was "Girl's Day Out." Manga Dork and I picked up BFF Ruth and her sister, Marilyn and went to town. We ate chinese (my June naughty meal) and shopped ALOT (Marshalls, ACMoore, Gymboree, Hot Topic, The Disney Store, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, and Micheals). FUN! There are some GREAT sales!

We "celebrated" Father's Day while we were there. We gave my dad 3 DVDs and some Dove chocolate covered almonds.

My mom and I got creative on the last night there. We used microfine glitter and metal stencils to make these cupcake ATCs. This is so fun...but we were both very sparkly in the end.
It is always so hard to leave my parents. It feels good to see them, my grandparents, and BFF Ruth. I have been so "homesick" that I actually got down and smelled the "Christmas drawers" in the endtables of my mom's formal living room. It smells like antique ornaments!
I usually need a couple days to shake off the gloomies after coming home. I miss them.
Happy Weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Finished A Book!

I can't believe that it is mid-June and I just finished my first book in 2009! I requested sTori Telling by Tori Spelling from the library and I picked it up on Monday. I finished it Wednesday evening.

I am a relatively new Tori Spelling "fan." She captured my interest through her reality show Tori and Dean: Inn Love and Home Sweet Hollywood. I wanted to learn more. This book goes from her childhood (briefly) to right after she gave birth to Liam. I am a pop culture junkie and this book fed that addiction. I was not a 90210 fan, but I loved her Saved By the Bell character, Violet Bickerstaff. How had I forgotten those pigtails and that laugh! Her first screen kiss was SCREECH! I finished this book feeling very bitter toward her mom and even some at Tori. The bitterness toward Tori is from how she and Dean got together...I have no tolerance for adultery...no matter what the reason. I also find it interesting to hear the real stories behind photographs the mags make up steamy stories about...the real story usually isn't as fascinating!

Interesting tidbit...she lost her virginity while wearing a Betsey Johnson dress! I {heart} Betsey!

I give this book ** out of *****!