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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here's How It All Went Down...

Just thought I would update you on the video game situation. Dr. Hubby cleared his name. Foster Son was referring to a time when he first lost video games and Dr. Hubby told him he could play PS2. He thought it was just his DS being taken. Foster Son knew that was not the case, but used it to fool SIL again this time.

I asked Foster Son 20 questions about his stay and what him and my nephew did. He told me all kinds of stuff, but never mentioned the video games. At one point I even mentioned how long it has been since he played and he said "months." On the way to Walmart Foster Son could not even hold his eyes open and his head was bobbing in the car because he was so sleepy. He must have stayed up really late playing as long as he could.

I didn't mention anything until therapy yesterday. He could not believe that I knew. He thought he had gotten away with it. He wouldn't even talk about it. Therapist had him leave the room so she could talk to me about what I should do. So far I have done nothing and you can see him wondering when it is coming.

I have decided not to do any immediate punishment. I believe in showing the kids that their actions teach people how to treat them (Very Dr. Phil, I know. LOL!). So I have decided that for the rest of the summer Foster Son will not be doing any overnights because I can not trust him to obey me. I will be reminding him that he taught me that by playing the PS2 and telling another adult that it is ok to do things he isn't supposed to "if Mom doesn't know."

Thank you for all your suggestions. The previous post was typed with one hand (the other was pulling my hair out! LOL!).


Working Mom said...

I didn't comment on the first post because frankly, I had no idea how to react to that! LOL (mine are 3 & 1 1/2) But after reading this one, I think that approach of doing nothing while they wait it out might be more affective than a lot of us think. I know it would be to me! It definitely gives them time to sit and "think about what they did" (I know that sounds cliche) but I bet it works! You sound like a very caring and wonderful mom. Good luck!

The Momster said...

Bravo for you. I think that's a just punishment for what has happened. And I commend you for keeping it in until therapy - that would have been the hardest part for me to do.

Jan said...

All I have to say is this- tough love is tough. But so very worth it. Kids really do want boundaries and limits. My older boys tell me that all the time now. Why didn't you say no more and this and that. Hang in there. You are doing great.

Mechelle said...

Wow. You sound so healthy! Way to go. Making him wait is also wonderful. I do this all the time.

I also ask what the child thinks their consequence should be. They come up with some very harsh ones. Once Holden said, "Kick me out of the house and make me live in the street."

I know I have hit upon the best consequence when my children start crying.

Hang in there! I love the no sleep overs. That is a natural consequence to his actions.

Anonymous said...


Manga Dork said...

suspense and torture him then hit him hard when he finally decides nothing is going to happen. I love it mwahahahahahaha mwahahahahahaha
Luv ya

Scrappy Girl said...

Very funny Manga Dork! Be nice.