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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NBC Day!

Today we are going to tour NBC studios and Rockefeller Center.

Then we are going to be in the studio audience at Conan O'Brien.

I SO wanted his guest to be Meryl Streep! I love her. She is my favorite actress. Well, she is doing Late Night tonight. The "salt in my wounds" is she is doing Conan TOMORROW! I missed her by one day! Argh!

The guest is going to be Heidi Klum/Daryl Hall/KT Tunstall. I like Heidi. Out of the whole week's lineup she would have been my second choice. At least it is someone I know! LOL! It is just going to be a great experience. If you watch it I am wearing a hot pink tshirt (NO STRIPES!)

Below is a pic I took playing around with distance. It would look alot better with a Nikon D4o...hint...hint...Dr. Hubby!


Merrianne said...

WOW! That is going to be FUN! i hope they have a contest & they pick someone from the Audience and they PICK YOU!!!! :) Wouldn't that be AWESOME!?!?!?

I really like that "DISTANCE" picture you took!!!! :)

Jan said...

That is going to be so much fun. Heidi Klum? How lucky are you. She is beautiful. Hope you have another day full of fun Scrappy. I am loving these posts and you are not even there. Blogger is great.

Working Mom said...

oh i can't WAIT to see all your NYC pics!! that is one place i would LOVE to go!!

that pic is hilarious, BTW!! how clever!! i love it!