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Friday, July 25, 2008

NYC Day #6 Friday

*For those of you following our trip...be sure you caught day #4. I posted it on Thursday but for some reason it labeled it under Wednesday. It includes our trip to the wax museum. So much fun!

This was our last full day in NYC. I was kinda bummed thinking about that, but quickly put it out of my thoughts so I could enjoy the day.

We started the day at Grand Central Station. We didn't have alot of time to look around at the shops, but we did stop to do something very romantic...

In the book "Weird New York" I read about how in a certain area of the hallways you can whisper in the corner and the person diagonal from you in the other corner can hear it. I wanted to tell Dr. Hubby "I Love You" for our 14th anniversary.

He heard me. When he said, "I Love You Too" I heard him just as if he was standing next to me! That was so cool! I was also surprised to see that we weren't the only ones "in the know." Others showed up to whisper after us.

My children were on my mind ALOT here. I found two Pokemon figures for Wild Child and Foster Son. Lil Sis and BIL were hoping for a Wii fit. No luck!

Lil Sis had found a store called "Props for Today" listed in one of her books. Turns out it is a rental store for designers putting together photo shoots, TV and movie sets, commercials, and celebrity parties. How cool! They have EVERYTHING! This furniture was returned from being used in Morgan Freeman's office in the movie "Wanted" in theatres now. The guy said that Madonna had a few things out. Cool.

This is the front of Macy's. We saw Bloomingdale's, the St. Regis Hotel, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, and the Four Seasons Hotel while walking today.

Onto the subway and out at Southside Seaport. It was really interesting to see these big "pirate-like" boats with the buildings in the background. We had Nathan's Famous HotDogs for lunch. BUT I had chicken tenders.

Our view while eating was awesome. This is the Brooklyn Bridge. They have set up 4 of those waterfall things. Not sure why, but they look cool.

We ended our day at Yankee Stadium. It was so HOT! We were up so high it took my breath away, and it took me a while to not be light headed. LOL! I ate another hotdog. Still not great. This is when I decided I didn't want anymore hot dogs for awhile.

We left at the top of the 8th. We weren't the only ones with this idea. Standing on the platform was an adventure. We were all squashed together. This lady started yelling "I can't believe you are pushing me...you got to be kidding...I can't believe this." while we were loading onto the subway. When the doors opened people poured in like water. You were no longer in charge of where you were walking. We were packed in there like sardines. Dr. Hubby and I were standing facing each other. One of his arms got stuck in the air, and my purse got stuck on top of my chest between us. And of course this gave me the giggles. This is also when Dr. Hubby said that woman was yelling at me. Huh?! How ridiculous to yell at one person in a situation like that. We were ALL being pushed. I was oblivious. The sweat was running down the back of my legs and down my face. And the smell of everyone...

We had to part from Lil Sis and BIL. We managed to "pound" fists at our stop. They were traveling on to BIL's Mom's home. Boo Hoo!

Time to pack...


COMcewens said...

I love that you can whisper and the other person all the way across can hear it! WHAT a wonderful vacation you had!! No more hot dogs.... guess you are going on vacation from them now!

Marfa said...

Fantastic photos....looks like you're having a great time!!!

Redhoodoos said...

I really really want to go on a trip to New York now. I can't believe how much you crammed into your stay there. You did everything!

Frumpy Luv said...

How much fun is this (minus stinky people crammed together and mean lady yelling for no reasonable reason at you!!) Love the whisper corner!

Jan said...

What a sweet moment between you and your hubby. I love that waterfall. Fantastic. Macy's is huge. Way bigger than I had even pictured.

How fun for you. I love it. People are so rude. But you had to have of taste of that in NYC. Rude is everywhere.

Michelle said...

I just read all of your New York Posts! WOW! What a fabulous trip! I would love to go there and see all this amazing stuff! It would never get boring!!

Jen said...

I was bloghopping at POW and I just HAD to click on your NYC post. I just love that place. That is a really cool tip about Grand Central. Can't wait to try it when we go in December. Thanks for sharing.

BookMomma said...

I love travel posts! Helps me live vicariously through bloggy buddies. And I puffy heart NYC! Only been once but it's on my BUcket LIst to go for the Macy's Parade at Thanksgiving.

SOunds like you had a great time and got to get off the beaen path a bit.

Hope to visit more often.Happy POW!