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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NYC Day #4 Wednesday

Today we woke up and were ready for another exciting day! I was loving every minute of everything we were doing. We headed to Soho first for some shopping...nothing opened until 11AM. Soooo...we headed to ChinaTown. Louis V. was calling my name...
When we arrived in ChinaTown, one of the little chinese women came up to us and said the magic words..."You want purse...Chanel...Coach...Gucci...Louis Vuitton?" We followed her and she took us several blocks over...to a van. Like 3 very stupid little girls we climbed into the back. That is when the worry set in. What if a driver jumped in and took off with us? What if this woman pulled out a knife? What if we suffocate in this stuffy van? After politely looking at her stuff (and not finding my Louis) we jumped out. Dr. Hubby and BIL had been outside watching. We decided not to EVER do that again. I did buy my LV down a dark alley and the chinese woman ran to who knows where and brought it back.
In my quest to bring Manga Dork back some chinese candies and cookies we ran into a fish market. Let's just say I am glad I had not just eaten. Clean up on Aisle....sidewalk!

We left ChinaTown and went shopping in the chic and trendy Soho. I was keeping my eyes open for celebs! I saw a homeless man brushing his teeth on the steps of Micheal Kors. First stop...the Mont Blanc store for Dr. Hubby. He bought a gorgeous pen with a ruby in it. Then off to Betsey Johnson. Ok...I am a huge Betseyville fan. Her colors and over the top patterns call to me.

I bought this cute bag. I wanted about 3 or 4, but I behaved myself. I would love to be thin so I could wear her clothes. Her designs are too cute!

We went to the matinee showing of Wicked. Let me just say...I loved every minute of it. I loathe The Wizard of Oz. This story puts it into a whole new perspective. I loved the idea behind it. So cool. I am going to read the novel. I would definitely recommend seeing it. It is on a national tour now so look for it in your town!
After the show we went to Times Square to really look around. We saw LOTS of signs, the M&Ms store, Hersheys, Virgin mega store, where they drop the ball, MTV, etc.
We wanted to eat dinner some where we couldn't find at home. When we ran upon Bubba Gump's restaurant we couldn't resist. This is a great place to eat AND lots of fun. After dinner Lil Sis and BIL went to a comedy show. Dr. Hubby and I went to Madame Toussand's wax museum. It is a little pricey to get in, but well worth it. We had so much fun interacting with the wax celebs.
Here I am hanging out with Julia Roberts. I just had to ask her the one question that has been haunting me for years, "Why Lyle Lovett?" I promised her I wouldn't share her answer. Sorry! You can see Hugh Grant waiting to speak to me in the background. Gosh he is so pushy. "Hugh, I told you to wait your turn."

Dr. Hubby and Steven Speilberg stopped talking for a minute to let me take their pics. I think they were discussing baseball caps. Boring!

I LOVE Oprah! No wonder she is on the front of her own magazine every month. She LOVES to pose for pictures. She invited me to her and Stedman's wedding. Sorry...I can't tell ya the date.

This is me hanging with the Osbournes. Seriously, you can't understand Ozzy in person any better than you can on TV.

Dr. Hubby and I were ready for our big breaks when we saw American Idol! I sang "I'm Every Woman" by Whitney Houston. Let's see what the judges had to say...

It's a thumbs up! Well, ladies and gentlemen this proves it. Simon Cowell CAN be bribed!

After the wax museum Dr. Hubby and I hopped on the subway for the first time by ourselves. He was cool and calm....I was....NOT! We heard a lady singing karaoke on one of the platforms. She was fantastic. I loved all the musicians and singers that perform for money in their hats. Too cool. So very NYC!


Jan said...

I love that bag you picked up. Super cute.

What a funny post about the wax museum. You guys had so much fun there. You could have totally fooled us in thinking that you met a famous person. Those are so real looking. Another fun day.

Jan said...

That Lyle Lovett thing was so darn funny.

The Momster said...

Ha - I always wonder who has the job of redressing those wax figures....wouldn't that be creepy???? Or is it just me?

Love the Lyle comment too.

Redhoodoos said...

I read this post yesterday and found myself singing "I'm every woman" in the shower this morning. Too funny.

The wax museum looks like fun. I've never been to one.

Whitney said...

Hey. Cute Louis Vuitton purse (:
I just was curious about how much it cost..