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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NYC Day #2 Monday

On day #2 we were up bright and early. We ate breakfast at the hotel. There were ALOT of people speaking french. We caught the subway, walked past Battery Park, and caught the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. I was so excited!

I was a little worried about the weather, but it turned out to be perfect. The cloudiness kept it cool. I got a little queasy on the ferry.

Notice our coordinated clothing! Perfect for scrapbooking a trip to the Statue of Liberty. Now we won't clash with my stickers! LOL!

I had my picture taken with a replica of her toes. Dr. Hubby mentioned something about me having "toe envy." My injured toe was holding up fine.

This is what has washed up on shore near the statue. Most of the sides just had tons of seawood on the shores. We had lunch at the Liberty Cafe and it was YUMMY!

Being the nerds that we are...we took our local newspaper with us to NYC. There is a section in our paper called "Beacon on the Road." Everyone takes the paper on vacation, takes their picture holding the paper, and then sends the pic to the paper to be published. This is the first time we have done it. Due to the cloudiness my camera would not take a real clear photo....so we had the professional take one to send to the paper. It cost $17.95 plus tax. If I had my Nikon D40 already we could have avoided this extra cost. HINT! HINT!

Next we headed to Ground Zero. It wasn't much to look at. Just alot of black plastic and fences to keep tourists out. I look forward to seeing the new buildings. I found it very irritating that there were people there selling pictures and books. They didn't have stands set up, they were just carrying them around pestering you to buy them. It also annoyed me that they ALL appeared to be foreigners (most looked like they could have been Bin Laden's relatives). It repulsed me.

I absolutely LOVED Canal Street. I had always heard that ChinaTown was fun, but it was beyond. The little chinese women come up to you and say, "You want purse...Coach...Gucci...Chanel." HeeHee! That is too funny. We bought my Father In Law a Rolex! It came straight out of a man's pocket. I just know that this was his day job and he did drive-by shootings at night. He was very thug. Scary! At a certain point in the evening all kinds of people brought out suitcases and briefcases filled with the faux stuff. I guess the police had left town! It was cool. We ate chinese at Shanghai Joe's, but it was not in ChinaTown. We were warned several times that the chicken might not be chicken in most ChinaTown restaurants. Ewww!!!

On our way home we walked down 5th Avenue. I saw steam coming up through those little round holes in the road. I saw a HUGE cockroach on the sidewalk. I ate hot nuts from a vendor cart. We were also surprised by LOTS of suitcases and briefcases set up there! It was like 10 PM and 5th Avenue was lined with them. This is when I saw a Louis Vuitton...picked it up...fell in love...put it down...regretted it later...decided to go back to ChinaTown later in the week to buy one!


Jan said...

Yuck, a cockroach. I would not want to see one of those babies. Look at the size of that foot. Who manicures them? I am think Simo wrestlers maybe.

What a fun day. Sorry about ground zero. I was really hoping for more about that. It just seems maddening that they would be capitalizing on that ground. It's like they were celebrating more than mourning.

Thanks for the share Scrappy. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Frumpy Luv said...

This sounds like so very much fun!!! I will have to go to NYC someday. I didn't know about the local paper and picture thing - hope the hint goes a long way for you!!

The Momster said...

OK, you cracked me up about the 'day job' and drive by shooter at night selling Rolex watches!

When my sister when to NYC last fall, she said what surprised her was that the air felt dirty. As in, you blow your nose - and it's dirty.

Gee, aren't you glad I shared that over here on your blog and not on mine?????

I'm still so glad you had such a good time!

COMcewens said...

ROF LOVE how he was a rolex dealer by day, gangster at night!!!!

Mechelle said...

I miss this city. I lived there for a while and reading this has made my homesick for the sounds, smell and energy of NY. Looks like you had a great time. M

michellewillingham said...

Ooooh, fun trip! I remember visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on a day trip. I took a picture of the NY harbor and am now glad I did, to have a memory of the twin towers.

Working Mom said...

yeah dr. hubby!! that nikon d40 would have come in real handy for the NYC trip!!

that would annoy me too about the vendors at ground zero. some people have no shame and will do anything for a buck.