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Friday, July 18, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Tonight at 7:00 is our Yankees game. They are playing Oakland A's. Jan, I am probably eating another hot dog for ya! LOL! In the day we are going to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Frick Collection.
Another introduction of an animal on the farm. This is Annie Louise. She is my mutt. I just love her to pieces. My inlaws kept her for 3 years while Dr. Hubby was doing his residency. I really appreciate them doing that. She chose me from the animal shelter.

This is Annie Louise with her muzzle on. She is getting ready to have her annual shave. She is not a happy camper, but she loves it when it is done.

My FIL hates having his picture taken. Here he is shaving Annie's backside. As soon as I took the pic his exact words were, "ScrappyGirl that is not nearly as funny as you think it is." I must disagree. I think it is very giggle worthy!


COMcewens said...

Go Yankees!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! :)

and that is too funny about him shaving that rear end! :) and i think i would have giggled, too!!!

Jan said...

Can't wait to hear about this one. That should be a blast. MerriAnne you crack me up. I am laughing at her comment.

That is so stinkin funny though. Get it, stinkin....