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Saturday, July 26, 2008

NYC Day #7 Saturday

We checked out of the hotel, caught a taxi to the airport, flew to Charlotte NC, then flew home...
Home Sweet Home! We were greeted with HUGE hugs and giggles. The 2 grandmas had cleaned my porch and home. Everything looked great! Thank you Mama C. and Nan! We couldn't wait to give everyone their souveniers...

We gave Wild Child a Teddyursa Pokemon and a I *Heart* NY tshirt.
We gave Cutie Patootie a stuffed Buneary Pokemon and a I *heart* NY tshirt.

Manga Dork got chinese treats and a tshirt.

Nan was given a tin of chocolates from the Times Square Hersheys store and a pic of the 4 of us at Tavern on the Green in a special folder. Lil Sis gave her the tin of M&Ms from the Times Square M&Ms store. Nan is a chocoholic and has the cutest collection of tins.

Here is my FIL with his Rolex or "Fauxlex." LOL!

We bought MIL (Mama C.) diamond earrings in the Diamond District.

We gave J. (our neighbor who helps out with farm chores) a tshirt too.

Not pictured:

Foster Son: A Jirachi Pokemon and I *heart* NY tshirt.

Papa G.: A Jay Leno's Garage hat from us and the matching tshirt from Lil Sis and BIL.

My BFF Ruth: A photo album of NY pics and postcards.

My BFFs Sis: Playing cards from the NY M&Ms store.

It was fun picking out treasures for everyone.

NY SHOPPING TIP: Do not pay $15 for a I *heart* NY tshirt. It is WAY more fun to annoy the little chinese man looking for good ones in his 6 for $10 stacks. They are imperfect, but there are ALOT of good ones. They want you to take the top ones still folded. I held each one up and inspected them. He grew very impatient and annoyed. Oh well! I got great shirts!


Jan said...

I can tell they were all happy with their scores of goodies from NYC. That is sometimes hard to pick out things, but you did really good.

Love the chocolate.

Christal said...

You are so lucky what a great trip I would love to go to NY someday looks like you all had a blast!! Lucky family who got all the souviors !! You guys are so nice!!! But its so nice to have the kids cared for and enjoy your trip!!
Thanks also for your awesome comments its so fun to get to know you a bit better too!!! Have a great weekend!! ttys

Redhoodoos said...

Love the fauxlex! lol

I bet it was hard finding room in your suitcase to take all of the goods home. You have adorable kids!

Frumpy Luv said...

I am cracking up over fauxlex - that is hilarious!

COMcewens said...

What a great trip! Glad you are back safe and sound and didnt annoy the chinese man too much!

Marfa said...

You're so thoughtful, something for everyone... I {heart} NY t-shirts are SO cool. I was born in NY!

Lawanda said...

How thoughtful!! And I hope you know I have totally enjoyed reading about your trip to NYC!!! Awesome!!

amanda said...

love all the nyc pics...brought back such great memories!! we lived there for a few years and were just back last month!!

so glad you had such a wonderful trip!

Jan said...

You were so stinkin close Scrappy on the win. We almost hit your bad toe. Sorry about that ;)

Mechelle said...

What a fun trip. The kids looked like they were very excited to have you home. I think coming home is the best part of any trip. M

Marilyn said...

Ahhh, everyone seems to be very happy with thier souveniers! I love that you went for the cheap t-shirts and dug deep for the good ones!

You asked about ATCs and what to do with them. Yes, some people put them on thier ATC spinner, others have been putting them in baseball card holders and displaying them in 3-ring binders. Basically, they are just to look at and collect, like baseball cards, lol!

McMommy said...

The Faulex had me laughing! Looks like you picked out some great souvenirs for everyone!

Thanks for playing POW this week!!!