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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey Melonscraps...I Did It!

The answer to "What in the World is That?" is a Longhorn bull's "ball sack" purse. Merrianne I am using your word for it. Hee!Hee! You were very close, just the wrong animal. Dr. Hubby bought it at a Longhorn Ranch. Their gift shop is called "Longhorns Head to Tail." They pride themselves on using every part of the bull. Dr. Hubby actually paid $28 for it. He also owns a walking cane made from the "you know what." Men!

A few days ago a bloggy friend reminded me that my name is Scrappy Girl and I was doing ZERO scrappin'. Her blog has made me really want to create so today I got some of my stuff back out of the boxes. I decided to work with K&Company's Urban Rhapsody products.

Walmart has Composition books 2/$1 so I had picked some up this weekend. This is the first one I have covered. I love it!

I sat on the ground to photograph my little creation and was attacked by fur babies. Sebastian the Golden Lab was on one leg. My inlaws belong to him. He comes up the hill to visit.

Bandit claimed my other leg. Of course, I burst into giggles as usual. Funny pups.


Marilyn said...

LOL, I love that notebook, it speaks for itself, it is "lovely"!! Great job, what did Dr Hubby say about the dining room table? lol I am honored that I inspire you, thanks. Gotta love the pups! My cats do the same kind of thing, just between my legs and on my chest. Sorry I didn't comment on the bag, I really had no idea, and now I wish I still had no idea, ewwww! lol

COMcewens said...

It is a lovely job on the book you did!

Jan said...

Great book Scrappy. Yes, it's about time you showed us what you are made of. And it's not that sack that your husband has around. That is way to funny.

Love your talent alot.

Mechelle said...

You are very cleaver! Wonderful. I know what it was the second I saw it becasue my friend has one. MEN is right! M

Mother Goose said...

Loved the notebook and what sweet puppies you have there! They lovey you!


what can i say...i know my balls!

just kidding!!!

cute notebook cover!! you are A Scrappy girl!

just to let you know...i changed my blog address to

see ya there ♥

da Bergs said...

Merrianne! LOL...
I TOO LOVE the composition book!!! GREAT JOB!

Frumpy Luv said...

This is hilarious !!!! way to go on the book - wish I has a teeny tiny part of the talent you do!!! I love it!