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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ask Manga Dork

We got Manga Dork's volleyball pics back...isn't she cute!? I don't think you will be able to see it due to the lack of quality of this photo (Nikon...hint...hint), but her fingernails were a bright blue/green color! How did I miss those?! My first reaction was "Manga Dork! Why didn't you take that off...you knew you had pics..." THEN I thought...that is SO her! She is colorful and an individual. I love her.

You have "Asked Scrappy" and now is your chance to "Ask Manga Dork!" I thought she would like the chance to talk on my blog SO I am going to open it up for you, my bloggy buddies, to ask Manga Dork any question you want...



Michelle said...

How do you like being the oldest?
What are your favorite hobbies?
What are your favorite classes at school?
How do you handle peer pressure??


Jan said...

What is the best advice you would give my 10 year old daughter, about being in Middle School?

Mechelle said...

MD, Where do you see yourself in five years. M

Mechelle said...

What do you like best about your new room?

Mechelle said...

How did you get the nickname MD? And do you like it? m

Mechelle said...

Have you started wearing make up? If not, when do you get to start wearing it? Or do you even want to wear it? M

Anonymous said...


ok..here are my QUESTIONS:

1. what is your favorite candy?

2. what is your DREAM car?

3. what do you think your future husband is going to look like?

{hey..i did #3 when i was 12 years old and i ended up marrying someone who EXACTLY fit that description!!!}

da Bergs said...

Wow, good questions, girls! I can't wait to hear the answers!

hummm.... What are you going to be for Halloween??? °Ü°

Anonymous said...

hey Scrappy & manga Dork..have you seen the new TWILIGHT trailer? I have it on my blog now...
come see!!! it is GOOD!

McEwens said...

I decided I am not good with the word verification things... hence I think I leave a comment, and i dont cause i got the letters WRONG!

How do you like living on a farm?
What is your school like?
Where do you think you want to go to college?
Do you want to be a dr like your dad?
Whats your fav movie? flavor of ice cream?
what kinda party do you want to have next year>
Fav memory of you and your mom?

Scrappy Girl said...

Is your Mom really as cool as she seems on her blog?

She really deserves some time off do you ever consider babysitting so she can scrap?

Mother Goose said...

she is beautiful and I too love Vball