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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Update

Another weekend is here (and almost gone)! Time to update...

3 MIL Questions answered....No, MIL is not allergic to the perfume we bought her...The perfume is called Sung....No, she does not read my blog.

On Monday the babies "redecorated" the house...I am still working on artwork removal.

On Tuesday I asked about cameras...thank you all so much for your input. It was very interesting to hear everyone's opinions.

On Wednesday and Thursday I reminisced over my past jobs and cars. I LOVED hearing your stories. I can't believe how far into blog world the "red bow" went! LOL!

On Friday I unveiled my new bloggy look. Don't worry if ya don't like it...I am going to change it after Turkey Day. I will say this...I am loving the black background! Me and the 3 girls went to town for a day full of fun! I get their photos back on Nov. 5th!

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to our community Halloween party.

The babies were ladybugs...love those black little noses...they didn't last long...they ended up being black mustaches..LOL!
Manga Dork was a cute Dorothy. Her hair was perfect for the part!

I couldn't resist this pic of Dorothy looking for Toto in the car! No bending over for her at the party!
No one guessed what I was going to be. I went as a potted plant! Look closely (on the right)there is even a snail in my flowers! Dr. Hubby went as a crazy doctor. He had a coat and scrubs splattered with "blood." He wouldn't wear the mask...the babies were scared of it.

This is Manga Dork with 2 of her good friends.

The kids marched around the gym in a Halloween parade. Manga Dork was walking VERY carefully in her platform slippers!

They pulled Manga Dork out of the lineup and had her sit on the stage. She won prettiest. She barely managed to stand back up without giving a free "show." LOL!
They gave away loads of door prizes, had yummy food, and fun games for the kids! It was a fun night.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Adventure girl wanna be said...

OMG! What a great pictorial show. The two babies looked darling!!!!

And Manga dork looked stunning. I loved her braided hair and shoes! She looked perfect!

You are such an amazing moma!

Thanks for the update!

this is it said...

all i can say is mr magic eraser! we just repainted the kitchen, front room, daycare, and girls room
lots of luck to you sweetie and remember - your not alone! he he

love the new look cant wait to see what you've got coming

Sondra said...

You ARE an amazing Mom! I just loved your lady bugs, very cute! Manga Dork does look VERY BEAUTIFUL... I am glad she won prettiest - which she definately was! You sure have a zest for life! You have a very loving fun family life which I am sure comes from the wonderful woman you are!

DesertHen said...

What great photos of the day.....the little ones were just way to cute....=) And I loved Manga Dork's costume....she was a perfect Dorothy. And you went as a potted plant....that is just to darn good....;D You had a busy and fun week.....I love reading your weekly updates.

binders said...

Oh how fun! I love costumes. The Potted Plant costume is sheer brilliance!

Your girls are beautiful. Looks like a fun day for everyone.

Mechelle said...

Great costumes! I am still working on ours. I like your new hair cut! M


I know you were a potted plant. I was just kidding. Love the idea. M

Mother Goose said...

fun fun! i saw those costumes at our party city. I wish they had made them longer. But manga dork looked great in hers! I saw that lady bug costume out there too.

one year people were black eye p's.
the put black makeup around their eyes and the letter p on their shirt.

Redhoodoos said...

Cute costumes! Love it. Manga Dork is so pretty!!

Wendy said...

Great Costumes! You all look fabulous! I love Manga Dorks hair...so pertty!

Last year I was a cereal killer. I put miniature cereal boxes on a shirt and then placed plastic knifes through the boxes. I won first place.

McEwens said...

CUTE costumes! I love your potted plant! Why change the blog look? I like it!

whoopsadasie said...

CUTE, CUTE pictures of your babies!! And loved Manga Dork's costume as well. She would have gotten my vote as well as the prettiest!!

April said...

Awe! She is SOOO stinkin' cute! She looks like me when I was a kid! lol....

Love you blog BTW! I'm totally camping out for the movie!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I can surely see why Manga Dork got the award for the prettiest! And the babies costumes were adorable as well...and you...WHAT A CRACK POT! LOL LOL TOO DANG FUNNY AND CUTE! Love that sense of humor!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I LOVE THAT PERFECT BLEND OF FRIENDSHIP AWARD! WHO GAVE IT TO YOU? I WANT ONE! LOL LOL! If you see my page or twin's page or my daughter's page, at Who goes there, you will see some of my buttons!