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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Strange Collections

Hello...My name is Scrappy Girl...And I am a Plastic Hangeraholic.
I have a problem. I can not bring myself to get rid of these hangers. Almost everything is on a hanger in the closet and these (believe it or not) are my extras.
What if one breaks? What if I buy several items from one of those stores that refuse to let you take the hangers? What if I hang the next season's clothes and there is more than the current season?
Help me...LOL!
Do you have a strange collection that you just can't bear to part with? Come on girls and guys....'fess up!


da Bergs said...

YOU crack me up!!!

Anonymous said...

you are so funny, you hangeraholic you!

Jan said...

You need to hang up this fetish girl. That is way to much plastic in one place. Get rid of them now. I am going to jump in my car right now if you don't. There is no room for these in your life.

I am one to talk because I seem to collect bread twist ties :)

Keli said...

Cracking up over here! I would flip if I had all those hangers! Just looking at this photo makes me claustrophobic!! The only obsession I have is buying BOOKS! I have so many books to read and I just can't stop buying them!

The Momster said...

Okay....let's see? Can holding on to the clothes that don't fit anymore be a fetish? I should go and take a picture of the 'empty' closets in the house. I could open my own store!

Love the Hangerholic comment! ROFLOL

Wendy said...

Too Funny! That's a lot of Plastic Hangers!

It's so bizarre what we pick to collect. Mine is just insane..lol! New Toothbrushes! When I was a kid growing up on the farm there was never enough money to go to the dentist. So the first time I was in a dentist chair was when I was 20 years old and got insurance...crazy huh? Now my whole family makes fun of me because there are at least 30 new toothbrushes in my bathroom cabinet...lol! Bizarre I tell ya!