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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Were We Hit With A Crazy Stick?

*Warning...I did the unthinkable...I forgot to take my camera on our outing yesterday. Very annoying!*
Yesterday I decided to take the 3 girls to get their portraits made in their Halloween costumes.

I already had the lady bug costumes for the 2 little ones. They are SO cute. We had an appointment at JCPenney portrait studio for Noon! We left at 10AM to pickup breakfast...drive through the bank...get gas ($2.50 Hallelujah!)...and drive an hour to the costume store...pick out Manga Dork a costume...

She chose Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...they didn't have Toto in the basket so I walked from one end of the mall to the other (cause of course I parked at the wrong end) to see if Spencers still had one (they did not)...So I went to Hallmark and bought a stuffed dog...went to a gift shop bought a basket and a doily....Voila!
Unfortunately we missed the noon appt. They had a 1:40! We ate lunch at Wendys. The 2 little ones were so rotten I could imagine the other customers clapping when we left. Then we go to the bathroom at JCPenney to transform the kids...I was sweating by the time we got to the portrait studio. They did great for their photos! So cute! Then we had to get their clothes back on....this is the point where I wondered what I was thinking doing this alone! I thought this would be fun! LOL!
We went to TJMaxx and I had to go to the bathroom. I made the mistake of telling Wild Child exactly what Mommy needed to do. So when I parked the buggy she yelled over and over "I gotta poop too..."
Well, I probably don't have to tell ya where we went to eat for dinner....Peking Buffet!
We ended the day with grocery shopping at Walmart...when we came back outside it was pouring the rain...I got soaked! It felt SO good to get home!

Today we have our community Halloween party. Can you guess what I am going as? It is something I am putting together myself...First one to guess will receive a handmade Halloween card from me!

Happy Weekend!


Terri said...

I bet you are going as a Twilight character.

McEwens said...

OK, I am going with something twilghty too!

DesertHen said...

Hummm, I would guess a Twilight character, but I don't know enough about the books yet to figure it out.....so I think you are going as a "scrap book" page. You are going to decorate yourself with phoots that you have scrapbooked........just a guess.

DesertHen said...

By the way, your day with the girls sounded fun....don't you just love it when little ones announce to the world what "they" need to do........Ha!

kitchenditcher said...

I seriously love this time of year. I love fall, I love Halloween, I love Thanksgiving. What a fun day it sounds like you had.

How about that you are going as a werewolf?? Worth a shot!!

Mechelle said...

You are the best mom. Always spending great fun time with your kids.

I am going to guess something to do with twilight. Since I know nothing about twilight, I will have to leave my guess there. Can't wait to see photos. PLEASE take your camera next time!!! M

I think you should go as Cinderella. Do you know why?

Michelle said...

I think it will be Alice from Twlight since she is your favorite :)

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Whoa! What a day with the kids! You are such a great mommy!

I hope we get to see the kids pics in their costumes.

I am guessing Bella of Twilight!

Scrappy Girl said...

Here's a hint...it is something related to the 2 little one's costumes.