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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Update

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Four Season's Farm's Weekend Update. I am Scrappy Girl and I will be your host.

This week has proven to be a very "revealing" week. On Monday I revealed 7 quirky things about myself for a tag. Evidently the undies secret was the most popular. LOL! BTW...I do not carry undies with me when I go somewhere...I only change at home...so I think that answers Mother Goose's question about what I do with the dirty ones when I am out on the town. OMGoodness! LOL!

On Tuesday I revealed Manga Dork's bedroom makeover and the Project Better Challenge for this week...If you completed your junk drawer cleaning let me know...I did not. I have bigger fish to fry...thanks to what my blood tests revealed.

This week I also gave you a very revealing look inside my laundry room...the plastic hangers are still there. I will keep you updated on their status.

We ended this week with a very interesting Saturday adventure...Let's take a look...
When getting in the car I looked up and saw this gorgeous sky! Look at those sunbeams peeking through the sky. This type of sky always makes me think of God looking down on us. That is our cottage that my FIL and MIL live in.

Simply gorgeous. I love to take sky photos and rubberstamp a verse on them in black ink to use on cards. It looks really neat!

Our first stop was for chinese! BTW...I took the "what type of food are you" quiz the other day...It said I was chinese food...BIG SHOCKER there! LOL!

Wild Child kept flirting with the little boy at the table next to ours.

Manga Dork's BFF went with us and she is spending another nite. We spread our addiction by setting her up a blog! Check it out here!

The babies taught her how to eat Lo Mein.

We had to go to Walmart (I am so sick of that place). There were 5-6 people in the 4 lanes that they had open. We entertained ourselves with an umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh (LOVE that song).

It takes so very little to amuse us...

I don't know how long we were in line, but it made me do this...how attractive...what was I thinking?

We finally made it home...put away the groceries...ticked off Dr. Hubby (long story)...put on our pjs...and did this...

I think we were a little tired. I must not have been too tired because they wanted me to join in. I don't think so! We ended the evening with "Night at the Roxbury." SWEET! Do we like that movie? Noooooo.....................Yeees! (You probably won't get that if you haven't seen the movie)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Jan said...

I think you should change your name to Wild Child. You are way to much fun. :) Happy weekend for sure.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

How fun! What a great week and saturday!

Yes, you are right! I love your sky pics. You can see the "rays" I am obsessed with capturing the rays!

Have a super great Sunday. Court just stopped by and is begging me to go on a scenic drive that has crafts on it. Oh gosh! I need to clean and mow the yard buttttttt guess I'll put mother/daughter day before cleaning:):):):)

Mechelle said...

What a fun week. No wonder you are tired. I am tired just reading about all the fun. m

Marilyn said...

Looks like you had a busy but fun day! I went cropping with my scrappy buds yesterday, for 14 hours; I only got 3 layouts done, lol! I hope you are not upset about me not doing the project better...you know my living situation, and my "roommates" are very particular and like things the way they are. They are turning into old people, LOL!

Motherboard said...

It looks like you had a fun weekend!

Mechelle said...

I will post my better project tomorrow. Sorry about being so late. Life is getting away from me. m

Mechelle said...

Did you have a project better for this week? I missed it.

I think we should call you wild mom. m

Anonymous said...

ha hahaaa!!!

you DID have a REVEALING week! :)

and it looks like you had a lot of FUN, too!!

You Wild Woman You!

da Bergs said...

I agree... YOU need to be WILD CHILD! AND I love the pics of the sky!!!

Keli said...

What a wonderful weekend and you are such a way cool mom! : )

Oh, and I hate to admit it but I like Night at the Roxbury! I'm doin' a little head jerkin as I type! LOL!

McEwens said...

I agree with Jan! YOUR name is now WILD CHILD!!! Hope you and dr hubby made up!