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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WANTED...May Be Armed and Dangerous


Manga Dork

This moody teenager can change from laughs to tears in 2.5!

BTW...they won their volleyball game last night! Go Lady Reds!

Wild Child

This active 3.5 year old currently enjoys hiding in small places and then jumping out to scare any unsuspecting family member. Please note incriminating gang symbol on forehead.

Cutie Patootie
Currently the most dangerous of the Four Seasons Gang. She will fully admit to all crimes when caught.
Yesterday Cutie was eating a McDonalds ice cream cone in the car. She said "I eat it all." Scrappy gets out of car and asks her what she did with the paper that was on the cone. "I eat it all." Scrappy looked in car and sure enough...she eat it ALL!
Last night after putting all kids in bed Scrappy and Dr. Hubby sit down to watch a movie. They hear, "I poop." Scrappy watches a couple minutes more and starts to get up to check on Cutie. Cutie comes down the hallway naked and holding poopy diaper in hand OPEN! She has poop on her hand, belly, leg, and butt (of course). YUCK! She looks at Scrappy and says, "I poop."
Happy Tuesday!


The Momster said...

Okay, girlfriend...let me just say "ewhhh!". LOL Worked with a guy one time whose son did something similar - except he SMEARED it in the walls on his way to find his parents. Oh yes... can you imagine that?

Cute pixies :)

Mechelle said...

Did you find the paper from the ice cream cone in the poop? M

Jan said...

That is the cutest paper factory I have ever seen :)

Things like that are so hard for mothers. Clean clean clean and puke. eww... But she at least gave you a fair warning.

Manga the teenager. Challenging times but worth it.

Anonymous said...

POOOOPIE STINKS!!!!! yucky yucky!!!!

just remember this song:

Mama said there'd be days like this... there'd be days like this mama said!

Frumpy Luv said...

oh the #2s that just won't go away ....

da Bergs said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! ...sorry!

Keli said...

BLECH! Girl, I'm am grossed out!! I do have to say, that I'm so glad we are way past the diaper days! I feel for ya!

CUTE CUTE kids! Love the faces!

Becks said...

Oh my goodness your girls are just too cute! This post also gives me a glimpse into the future. Note to self...remove paper from ice cream cones and run when they say "I poop"! Haha too funny!