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Friday, October 10, 2008

Manga Dork's Answers

Michelle from Creative Treasures wants to know...

How do you like being the oldest?Most of the time its cool but sometimes its stinky.

What are your favorite hobbies?volleyball,tv,basket ball ,and softball,scrapping,and reading.

What are your favorite classes at school?English (teacher is soooo nice and funny!lets us share in class. <3)

Math (teacher is so awesome) and in our school every tuesday there is a class about everyday health, and to help us know things that are out there and we get to watch a movie!

How do you handle peer pressure??There isnt alot at our school so I have not yet had that experience.(yet)

Jan from Crazy Lady on Road 80 wants to know...

What is the best advice you would give my 10 year old daughter, about being in Middle School?That its tough!!!Also trying to do a sport and get good grades is reeeeaaalllyyy hard..........but its fun.

Also be prepared for no more smoothness say hello to people saying your 7th graders act it and Ive met 3rd graders that are more behaved(yeah in a brainwashing facility LOL)

Also get ready for 8th graders (shudders) and being on the bottom.

Mechelle from Smelling the Flowers wants to know...

MD, Where do you see yourself in five years. High School playing on the varsity volleyball team! GO LADY NOLES!!!!!!!

What do you like best about your new room?The walls!

How did you get the nickname MD? And do you like it? I love manga and read it 24/7. I love it!!

Have you started wearing make up? If not, when do you get to start wearing it? Or do you even want to wear it?Yes I have started using makeup.

MERRIANNE wants to know...

1. what is your favorite candy? Heath bars

2. what is your DREAM car? a beetle bug

3. what do you think your future husband is going to look like?muscular but not to muscley blue eyes.HOT,and good fashion sense

Shaila at DaBergs wants to know...

What are you going to be for Halloween??? I dont know yet

Pam at McEwens wants to know...

How do you like living on a farm?Its okay

What is your school like?It is small trailers next to the elementary,awesome people inhabit it, and competitive boys,also some nerds,preps,hoes,and boys who need to grow up,and its very small.

Where do you think you want to go to college?Marshall!!all the way!!!

Do you want to be a dr like your dad?NO I want to go into psychiatry(but he wants me to be a dr)

Whats your fav movie? that would have to be night at the roxburry

flavor of ice cream?Toffe

what kinda party do you want to have next year?a reality tv game show!

Fav memory of you and your mom?I dont know I love them all

Anonymous wants to know...

Is your Mom really as cool as she seems on her blog?yeah she is a big dork [:

She really deserves some time off do you ever consider babysitting so she can scrap?Not really


Mother Goose said...

i enjoyed getting to know manga dork better.

Jan said...

That was fun Manga. I learned alot of things about you and also some great advice. Thanks.

Sondra said...

I love questions and answers. It was fun getting to know her much better. She seems like a terrific kid! You are a lucky Mom!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

That was neat! Your such a great mama! She is one cool dork:)

Have a super great weekend!

McEwens said...

Is that the same Marshall that had the tragic events a few years back??? AWESOME answers!

Michelle said...

What a great post! Love getting to know Manga Dork better!