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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm About To Lose My Mind...Up in Here! Up in Here!

I think that DMX song is hilarious...the clean version!

What is not so hilarious is that my MIL is losing her mind and it is like a stinky old virus that is catching...and it is stealing my smiles...my laughter...my optimism...and my I don't know what else.

I won't even bore you with the UNBELIEVABLE stuff she has done in the past couple days, but this last one takes the CAKE! Literally.

At the bus stop yesterday while picking up niece and nephew she told one of my friends, "Did you hear that Scrappy is giving herself a birthday party?!" And then she proceeded to laugh and laugh and laugh. My friend did not find her amusing and told her, "Well, I guess if you want a certain type party that is the way to go." MIL thought she would laugh along with her. NOT!

Anywho...I was going to share with you some of the beginnings of my party preparations today BUT I think I will just change the whole thing...MIL is making fun of me...SIL has already come up with 5,789 ways I can do it her way (even though she can't attend)...Lil Sis may not be able to make it....and my loyal friend at the bus stop is scheduled to work. That leaves me, Manga Dork, and my BFF Ruth that I have to drive 4 hours to pick up.

I think I will "rethink" the whole thing! Sorry for bringing such a negative vibe to blogland, but I believe that blogging the good and bad is very important...besides its cheaper than therapy and keeps me out of jail. Just joking! Kinda.


Anonymous said...

It's your BIRTHDAY. Like yours. Not hers. That's just mean. I'm sorry things are falling through. My birthday is on Christmas Eve so I know all about the falling through. It stopped feeling like I had a birthday years ago...

Jan said...

This relationship you have is so intense. You poor thing. I just feel for you.

It is your birthday and she can cry if she wants too.

Jail sounds good sometimes :)

Marchelle said...

sounds like some chinese is in order!!

how about you and the kids and dr. hubby go somewhere really nice to eat - and don't invite MIL & FIL.

or is there anyone else that would keep the kids - besides MIL - and you and dr. hubby could get away for a night all to yourselves?

that's just stinky the way she is acting.
my MIL and i play "fake nice"... there is no relationship there at all. sometimes that's good, sometimes bad..... but living next door...whew! that would be tough!

Mother Goose said...

scrappy, i have mil issues too. Notice I didn't blog about her week stay with me, recently. I can't blog the bad junk. So, I write that in my journal because I do feel that it is important to write the storm, so that we can learn from it.
remember this too shall pass.

McEwens said...

Sorry about your MIL... I mean come on it is your party.... DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!!

Jail.... yeah, not the best place on most days

Mechelle said...

MILs are difficult. But you do not need to be. You can raise above.

I had some MIL issues and so I know what I am talking about! There were VERY unkind things done to me. I will not relive these so I will not comment about them, but believe when when I say I am WELL educated in the fine art of making your son's wife miserable.

Here is my advice. Be kind, but distant. Cut down on time spent and find a different place for the kids to stay. Do not let your children be alone with her. If she gets upset, then tell her that some things need to change before you can feel comfortable with the girls being alone with her. It might hurt her, but it is tough love.

Her actions are not appropriate and she needs to feel the consequences of her actions. This is my take. I had to stay away one Christmas to get my MIL's attention. After that things got a lot better.

Good for your friend to not go along with her!!!! m

Mechelle said...

Do what you want for your birthday. I put a party on for myself last year and it was so fun. I just might do it again this year.

Don't let them get to you. Disengage.

Happy birthday. I know it is next month. m

Manga Dork said...

You should call her and say well did you hear I am not inviting you to my party then laugh!!!mwahahahahahah!!LOL

this is it said...

She's going on a trip? Yah! Party! party! party!

Why is she so envious of you? Only people like that do it because they envy something that you portray or have. You must be very special for her to be so miserable!!

Being nice to her may make her mad but it will make you a better person in the end. Pray for her, let your children hear you pray and who knows what kind of blessings are in store for you while you are learning to rise above other peoples horrible, horribe behavior.

Have you seen Monster in Law - it will make you laugh and cry!

DesertHen said...

It is your birthday.....You should plan whatever it is you want to do. It is not about anybody else but you....Not about MIL or SIL. Don't let them steal your sunshine!!

Anonymous said...

wow...scrappy girl! talk about a MONSTER IN LAW!

and i love that song by DMX... and the ViDEO! have you seen the DMX Rough RIders ANTHEM VIDEO!?!?!?! wowza girl....

yeah.... wowzaaaa!!!!


let's get back to yOU now.

if you want to throw yourself a PARTY...then JUST DO IT!!!! forget about her LAUGHTER & sassiness.

Have FUN and EAT CAKE... lots of cake!!!!!

Marilyn said...

Hey, at least your MIL talks to you! DH's family doesn't even call him, or email him or anything! I say it is your party, and you should do what you want!!! I hate to see you change your plans just because MIL is being a butthole!

Wendy said...

Let me just say....No one is worth canceling Twilight for...LOL! Don't let anyone rain on your Vampire Kisses...heehee! Go see Edward...he will cheer you up with his dazzle & sparkle!

About 8 years ago I finally put my foot down with my in-laws. You need to be at that place..you know where the staw breaks the camels back...winkwink! We are now cordial and we live very far from each other...that helps a lot! After nineteen years of marriage you think they would know I'm not going anywhere...I'm like mold you can't get rid of my...heehee!