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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Curious About Cameras

I really don't think it is a secret that I want a new camera for my birthday or Christmas. There sure have been enough hints on my blog AND I told the girls at Dr. Hubby's office to tell him to get me a new camera if he asked for suggestions from them...heehee. We even looked at the camera section at Walmart on date nite. This is where the confusion began.

I have always thought a Nikon was THE camera to get. I am not sure now even what number I want or need...40,60,80,90? That is when I noticed this...
It looked like the Nikon, but it was a canon and it was $300 more than the Nikon....hmmmm. Then I read a blog today about how great the rebel is.

So bloggy friends I need your help...

What type of camera do you own? What type of camera do you dream of? What type of camera would you suggest for me?


bookstorebetty said...

I own a Canon Powershot, my husband the Nikon D40. He is a Nikon fiend. My dream is to own a Rebel. I think they are pretty similar really once you get that advanced but I'm not sure... I don't know if one excels in one area over the other. But I know I've always been happy and comfortable with Canons. I've also used my husband's Nikon and like it a LOT. hmmm... I've really been wondering the same thing.

Mechelle said...

The top two digital cameras in the world are Nikon and Cannon. The rebel is a great camera. I won a photo contest once and the prize was a Cannon rebel. I used it a few times, just to check it out and then gave it to my brother. He has done wonderful things with the camera.

Both cameras have won an equal amount of awards and you will be happy with either.

The cannon has an edge on color correction within the camera.

Nikon has an edge on clarity.

So you just need to choose which one is more important to you.

I shoot with Nikon and will not switch because I love it and because all my lenses are Nikon. The Nikon 300 has the color correction in it so I think most all of the Nikons will have that someday.

My BIL just got a 60 and he is doing wonderful things with that camera.

I will stop. I need to go stick my head in the rabbit cage and lick the little salt wheel. LOL

McEwens said...

Canon... LOVE IT!!! Do you research, go and look at consumer reports on the models you want and see what is the best for you!

richies said...

I love my Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

It is so small that I carry it in my pocket and have it with me most of the time. The photo quality is great for such a small camera

Marchelle said...

as you know, i shoot nikon, but they really are equally as good. just have slight variances as mechelle pointed out.

try going to kenrockwell.com and checking out what he has to say. he is the camera guru, and he explains it in terms that us non-pros can understand. he REALLY praises the D40, and for what you are going to use it for, i would say that would be the best fit for you, IMO. plus you can get a kit with 1 or 2 lenses and can really do a lot with it! i've also read that the D40 is smaller than the rebel and therefore more comfortable to hold.

again, i agree with mechelle that i shoot nikon and will not switch due to having all nikon lenses, but my aunt and several cousins shoot with canons and they are all happy with them!

good luck!! cant wait to see what you get!

Jan said...

I am going to let the others speak. I need to get a new one someday myself. I hope I learn alot in here today.

DesertHen said...

I can't be of any help as I need a new camera some day too.......love reading what everyone has to say about the different cameras.

Lisa Loo said...

I have a Canon 40D. I have only had it a little while--so am still learning the ropes. But I have always had a Canon of some sort. I think like every one has said--it once you start buying lenses you just stay with the brand you have. My professional photographer friend says that he thinks that Cnaons take better wide angle shots and Nikon does better in the poitrait area.

I had waited along time to get mine--it is so much fun--good luck on your quest.

This is my first comment on your blog but yesterday when I read you comment about stalking yourself--I fell off my chair laughing and had to come check you out!!

Manga Dork said...

Wow alot a hints. IF he does not get it for you I will be shocked!!
I like the ones that are bright colors.

Keli said...

I also have a dream of owning a nicer camera someday..great comments on here to help you (us) out! I hope to soon, maybe after Christmas, start looking and comparing...Good luck!

Michelle said...

I have a canon rebel and it is absolutly fabulous! I love love love it!!!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Oh gosh!

1.-I have a new Kodak Z812 IS. Don't laugh. It is my first digital and the best camera for what I can afford. I love it for what it is and you see my pics;)

2.- I use to want a D80 like pioneer woman but don't now.

3.- I could never suggest any camera. I will leave that to much better photogs than me.

Good luck;) Peace darlin'

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I thought of you when visiting my friend over at http://iamme-tdm.blogspot.com/ check her out;)

Mother Goose said...

Licks top of lip, smacks lips, clears mouth. ::sorry I was licking the salt wheel from the rabbits cage!!! roflrofl, thanks Mechelle for the very funny reminder. I too loved that comment!!

I SHOOT NIKON!! I loved cannon though and so desperately wanted a cannon but HUBZ co workers all had nikon so he bought me my d70, and the d200 and soon I will have d300.
I fought against the Nikon, refused to touch the d70 for a year. then when I put on my big girl panties I was in love!

all my lenses are now for nikon. I think it is a toss up between the two. It is a never ending debate between cannon and nikon. Some swear by one and despise the other.
what type of pics will you shoot?
some true camera shops will allow you to rent and try out different bodies, do that.
but, I love nikon

Becks said...

I have the Nikon SLR D40

I love it..takes great pictures. I just use the automatic mode mostly. I really need to learn how to take better pictures since it is capable of greatness.

My only complain is that I wish it wasnt so big. I want one I can just leave in my purse easily. So really i just need two cameras. Just tell my husband that! hehe